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Re: High endgame activity

by Bhowens89

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(Content idea for Bioware) High endgame activity

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Hey! So i got some ideas first of i like to see a healer/support javelin or perhaps some healing spells for the storm so you can spec healer or dps that would be cool


Then i have an idea for an endgame activity like a 4 man raid or like the divisions incursion activity its more tactical and harder then your normal stronghold atleast i feel like its more worth it to farm better gear in a game if it leads to more endgame activitys

It could be like you suddenly discover that there is a secret passage in the tomb of tarsis


And i also have some bossfight ideas


First: you enter a "caveroom" with some big stones sticking up from the ground, its a no flight zone in this room, you fight the boss plus hiding behind rocks, then you here faye calling out "get behind cover" so while the boss runs up to your group you need to gather together storm puts up the windwall + the collosus stands in the front with the shield up then the boss just breathe fire at your group and you need to absorb it, it could be a firebreathing ursix or something


Second: this room is almost a flight only room the floor is filled with water and theres electric cords in it so if you fall in the water you get paralyzed for 10 seconds and the boss swims around in the water if someone where to fall in the boss attacks that person first theres 2 cracks in the wall one on each side and theres pouring in water from it kinda like a small waterfall so you need to fly around and cool down your suit in the waterfalls until faye calls out "get the cord hanging from the roof in to the socket on the right" so you have 1 teammember fly and get the cord connecting it to the socket then a lever becomes active you have another teammember pull the lever and the room drains from water and the boss becomes pretty much a fish on land so this is your chance to put down some serious dps use all your ultimates then a couple of seconds later the room starts to fill up again the cord got loose from the socket you need to quickly get up in the air again and do it all over again until hes dead


And ofc it should be some enragetimer or something like that on the bosses


Im sorry for my bad english!

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Re: High endgame activity

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And yes i know this is not in the near future its alot of work before something like this could happen
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