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Re: Connection problems

by QuackMinotaur81

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Connection problems

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Apex is unplayable because of all the symbols in the top right coroner i tried testing my connection it says its good but soon as i get into a game i lag out or freeze non stop i cant play it anymore

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Re: Connection problems

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It's the EA way.


Shooting people with full lvl3 prowler mags and theyre still standing fine and dandy.


Game doing random bs like switching me to no weapon then won't let me switch back. 



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Re: Connection problems

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@LxMB0825 I was literally just jumping online to rage about this. I've had constant packet loss since I've been on today.

Landed on Mirages party boat. Point blank L-Star a Lifeline. Get nothing, swapped to an alternator (the guns trash but desperate times), the LL somehow stuns with an arc star that was thrown faster than the speed of light and kills me.

This game.....
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Re: Connection problems

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Yeah.......... obviously there's no problem with these DOG servers ._.

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