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Connection Issues/Disconnections

by Resurrecteded

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Connection Issues/Disconnections

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Server issues.


I started getting disconnections while talking to NPCs, than started getting them after missions. Now I'm getting disconnections during missions. This is getting too annoying and unplayable. I keep getting some pilot errors, EA server errors, basically different connection losses. On my end everything is fine. internet is working fine. other games are working fine, just Anthem keeps crashing. is it just me? Because I checked google and it seems people are getting some what the same problems with connections, just want to be sure there is nothing on my part I can do about it.

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Re: Connection Issues/Disconnections

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After yesterday's connection issues had been solved I've had no problems yesterday evening.

Today the connection seems a bit wonky again, though.

I have been able to play a bit but experienced a number of disconnects and pilot errors, which is rather unusual for me.


Edit: It usually doesn't hurt to reboot your internet router/modem when you experience ongoing problems.

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Re: Connection Issues/Disconnections

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I tried logging in today.  So far 4 pilot errors followed by 3 server disconnect / unavailable messages.  1030h EST

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