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Confused with Crypto

by Mabezan

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Confused with Crypto

★★★★★ Apprentice

With all the hype surrounding crypto,his voicelines and his overall character design and his abilities,i absolutely fell in love with this character

I have 4 wins with him currently,that too on a minimal time frame,but i feel i am not utilizing him properly aggressively.



I get that he is a recon and he is supposed to get information for the team,but i cant find the perfect way to use the drone

Whenever i see a champ banner, i just take out the drone and see how many squads are in the area.I play with randoms and no mic so i cant communicate this to my teammates.Even if i do.what should i do if i see that there are enemy squads in the area?Should i scout with my drone?or should i try and take the high ground immediately?



I also cant find the balance between using the drone and fighting.Should i place the drone before fighting,or should i position it midfight to see the targets clearly?Often i find that my drone gets destroyed pretty easily,or sometimes im just scouting and my teammates never push the enemy while i emp


Crypto mains, please enlighten me!,as i really want to get good with this character

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Re: Confused with Crypto

★★★★★ Novice

He's definitely more suited for a fully communicating team. When I use him, for fast play/randos, I will run into a building throw the drone out looking at a door or hallway, and continue to loot. Using the drone as a guard dog to cover flanks and such. When I have a full team and everyone is organized, my team will cover me while I send out my drone. While in the drone, I can either set it outside a building were about to breach to cover escapees, OR I go straight up, HIGH in the sky. I literally can sit there and ping 2-5 different squads unbeknownst to anyone. If you know how the battlefield is laid out, you can literally move pieces around and avoid major 3rd party losses or flank survivors. Also, Crypto's Ult goes through walls, so I always butt up against a wall or ceiling. Crypto finally gives people who aren't very good a chance to use knowledge to beat raw run and gun strength.Nerd

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