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Concern for interceptor

by Shaddoll23

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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Well yeah to me your points don’t hold up and I disagree with assumptions you also make. I’m not going to sit hear lie saying my concerns are eased when they aren’t. Your reasons have done zero to actually address core fundamental problems I have with the interceptor.


You clearly don’t understand the danger in close range fighting compared to long range. 


You overestimate it’s speed


fail to recognize its lack of ultilty, how easy other javelins can do it’s job instead, skill ceilings, etc.


I dont know what else to tell you man.  We disagree on so much we will get nowhere. It’s a lot opinions. We going to disagree my guy. I’m not the only one that shares some of same concerns for the class we will have to wait and see in game. If it can actually keep up and contribute it’s part to the team at grandmaster 3. I just don’t see it. But who knows

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