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Re: Concern for interceptor

by Abyssalwyrm

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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@vakeger14 wrote:

I see a lot of people want soft lock, just why?! This is not a single player rpg. Get used to the controls, after an hour i barely missed with my melee attacks, just turn towards the enemy they cant even dodge. The bigger problem for me was when you hit them and they fall then they just sometimes get behind you for no reason.

For me, I want a soft-lock because melee attacks can't currently be canceled out of with dashes, so if I accidentally swing in the wrong direction I have to wait until the swing is finished before I can attempt to point myself in the right direction.

At least if I had a soft-lock I wouldn't accidentally shoot off in the wrong direction in the FIRST place...

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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@Shaddoll23 wrote:
Sprinting slightly faster is not a big enough thing to say it has a role in contributing. It’s a class with Zero utility and mediocre damage due to close range restrictive playstyle

You know... no offence, ut from your replies i really have a strong feeling you played interceptor for like maybe 5 minutes. Or forgot properly equip it.

Because in my experience interceptor very often is the last alive party member. Saving sorry * of all those storms, who was uncareful enough to go out for their ultimate, but instead slaughtered in 5 seconds by insane bullet storm coming from all side. And even colosusses.


Interceptor really the least javelin one should worry about. If he is doing so incredibly well right now, he surely will do just as good (or better) in endgame... with the right gear.


In the matter of fact i wouldn't be surprised or even angry if BW will decide to nerf him some. Because right now he is 100% strongest javelin.

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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Seeing that I spent most of my 26+ hours on anthem with 16 of it being on the interceptor. You assumption is wrong. What you are failing to understand is skill ceilings as difficulty rises. I’ve played classes in similar games that have the exact same problems that interceptor will face. Hard was made easy. It was a joke in the demo. You will not beable to get away with what you did in the actual game. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it has fundamental problems as a class in this game. It will be a useless class in the hardest content. To call it the best javelin is complete lie with no backing 

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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You just keep saying that, like interceptor is the only class in teh game. Or even, as interceptor least tanky class.

Least tanky class at the moment is storm. He have just as much shield and health as interceptor. But also don't have mobility of interceptor. Plus most of his abilities are not instant, requires him to be exposed for 1-3 seconds.

So why not start talking how awful it would be for the Storm in the end game instead? :P

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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Maybe because the storm plays from a lot safer distance, untouchable by ground enemies do to its hover, has wind wall. It has plenty of protection to it and is a long range playstyle. There’s nothing to complain about.

The interceptor has less no defensive abilities, about as squishy and is meant to play in close range. Which means less time to react, less sight of your surroundings and more Aggro drawn to you.

Come on dude
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Re: Concern for interceptor

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I get what your saying (been reading all comments and replies) but the obvious answer is we arnt gonna know until launch or some alpha testers come out and tell us. Iv already seen 1 alpha tester tell some people he is gonna make a video during or after the open beta explaining end game builds that are 'insane' for every javlin (though in his opinion he thinks storm has the most useful and insane builds while other javlin builds feel 'forced') cause atm he is under NDA so he cant get into specifics until its feb.


Either way it sounds like you are insanely concerned and i get that. Id wait for those alpha testers to make videos in the next 1-3 days or wait for launch, its not like you cant swap it out for the storm later on (cause it sounds like you have nothing but praise for the storm) but i also get why you wouldnt wanna play storm considering over 40% of the player base plans on maining a storm lol..Personally i enjoy the ranger and the interceptor the most. I didnt find it remotely hard dealing with hard mode as a interceptor especially when i got hard mode gear (i just zip around killing snipers and flankers and trash mobs left and right i almost never found myself near death, as for your boss fight concern i often didnt find myself getting hit by the boss cause i hit him from behind and throwing my poison on a group of mobs helps my allies do extra dmg to nuke them down). As someone said earlier we do unlock more things in the actual games launch later, 1 example is stealth there will be more then that later on. Just stealth alone will change your playstyle and increase your survival rate greatly. Just have patients. (will disagree about the colossus he is probably the most vunerable javlin in the entire game.) On that though i hope your concerns get laid to rest soon


I dont know your build for your interceptor im sure you got it down considering you put 26 hours in the game but ill tell you my build regardless


1: Venom bomb (its amazing at debuffing enemies, setting up a good combo to nuke down enemies whether you get there to kill the or an ally

jumps in to assist and it does damage over time)


2: Tempest strike (it is great at activating combos/detonating and its a great single target hitter. One thing i like most is if you jump in the air and use tempest strike and you are about to miss or even think you messed up and you are in to much of a risky position you can instantly cancel it and zip away (while javlins like the colossus or ranger are forced to perform their attacks and cannot cancel, nor are they as good at getting away)


3: I enjoy target beacon. It lowers resistance of enemies making them that much easier to kill (especially on snipers) but you can do some insane damage to the boss as well when he is facing away from you (of course it helps your allies to when they hail their bullets or ultimates on the target you tagged)


Im glad to see some people talking about these subjects rather then having a melt down over cosmetics in game store

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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@Shaddoll23 wrote:
Maybe because the storm plays from a lot safer distance, untouchable by ground enemies do to its hover, has wind wall. It has plenty of protection to it and is a long range playstyle. There’s nothing to complain about.

The interceptor has less no defensive abilities, about as squishy and is meant to play in close range. Which means less time to react, less sight of your surroundings and more Aggro drawn to you.

Come on dude

Wind wall is flimsy AF (providing absorb damage on very large surface)

Safer distance? I dunno, maybe from Skorpion. But Scars can easily hit storm at range of all his abilities.


Interceptor have very long lasting invulnerability, and constant shield recharge, for as long as he moving.... on top of simply begin very small and very fast, which result of too few bullets actually hitting him.

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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@iloveizzyboo  thank you for being reasonable. I hope the class works out great. I truly do.  I talked to Ryan from overwatchcentral and he’s supposed to be having a video out tonight on end game interceptor supposedly. So we can see a little more of how it’s supposed to play. 


Personally i find venom bomb or seeker glaive and corrosive spray as  great matches. Tempest kick is ok, but I found the corrosive spray to cover more and it appeared to do more damage then even the combo. It pretty much near oneshotted all the scorpion things on hard. 


Seeker into spray made snipers quicker to burn down to get out. 

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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Really trying to undersell windwall? Really? 


1. Very long inveulnerablity is attached to a melee ult. All the classes have something like it.

2.shield recharge isn’t constant. It has delay also. Just like other classes. It just speeds up moving.

3. Small works against player error matters less against ai.

4.not very fast. Same flying speed as everyone else. Doesn’t run much faster and than other classes not near fast enough to be dodging bullets. Also something that other classes don’t even worry about anyways because they don’t operate in melee range.



lets just agree to disagree. At this point it’s getting no where

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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I'm aware that the Hard difficulty was tuned down in the VIP Demo, although I might say that I was way more efficient with the Interceptor than with the Ranger.


My build was roughly as follows:


- One component for better shields and shield regen, one component that increased Interceptor's damage and increased the armor ==> that was for the "tanky" side and to manage being shot by the Legendary Elites during the Stronghold.


- Cryo-Glaive: yes the cooldown is pretty long, but the Ice Aura is just too good to pass out. With that I could perma-freeze any Armored enemies and could spread the Ice debuff to unshielded enemies, making them Prime for my mates' combos.


- Acid Spray: very strong cone AOE that OS unshielded enemies and can burn hugely the shields of even Legendary Elites.


- Mark Target: to further help in dealing with big targets.


- One Assault Rifle and one shotgun.


And with that I was, like said through this topic, very difficult to take down and was the medic of the group most of the times, except when I miscalculate when I go out of my ult and get tea-bagged by the boss at the end of the Stronghold, but that's just me being silly.


All in all, I think the Interceptor will be just fine as Pilot levels kick in: you'll get better gear to improve your survivability and your damage output, you'll have the Pilot skilltree that will also help with that.


Remember, we don't know yet what Masterwork and Legendary gear can bring to the table, but from one specific legendary item that was leaked from the EA Changers playthrough in Japan, I can tell you that these babies will immensely help beating higher difficulties. Also you'll have to optimize your affixes on each piece of gear to improve either your damage or your survivability through shield regen and so on.


So in the end I wouldn't be too worried about any Javelin being viable in higher difficulties.

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