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Re: Concern for interceptor

by jordyv89

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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On hard it’s still very easy. But there are still 3 more difficulties after hard to consider. Also we were running through the beginning area, the mechanics are less punishing in what we played as compared to what endgame content will be like. I think it’s going to make playing sides hard since the interceptor is almost as squishy as the storm
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Re: Concern for interceptor

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My experience with the Interceptor was such that I had components which increased my shield ("Shield Reinforcement") as well as armor.  This means that I was playing with Colossus's's (Colossi?) that I was constantly reviving, some of which quit the session and perhaps totally out of embarrassment (I would have been!).  And what about that PLASMA STAR, though??  That thing melts turrets from across the map!  Additionally, you are *invulnerable* during your Ultimate attack which lasts a really long time--and you can find inscriptions which will make it last longer and/or become much, much stronger.  Remember, you'll gain access to 5 or 6 Components, eventually.  Can't rule out the speed, either.  That's important to consider when used by skilled players.  My best advice is look for ways to buff your Plasma Star damage/regeneration.  That's key.  You'll melt everything in your path with Legendary Plasma Stars!

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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You just need a tank to hold aggro, then you just go in and melee everything, detonating combos over and over again, spreading all kinds of effects to no end.

The only problem is that at the moment a tank doesn't exist since the colossus is made of wet toilet paper and literally gets melted even with shield up as soon as he uses its taunt on harder difficulties.

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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I think Interceptor needs a camera-lock for targets it attempt to melee so it's more obvious when the Interceptor player needs to disengage. That and better enemy telegraphs for incoming devastating damage.

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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Yeah I completely agree
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Re: Concern for interceptor

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But you guys are forgetting, interceptors were thriving on hard, with gear earned playing on hard. I don't see any reason they won't survive on any of the Grandmaster tiers with gear earned in said tiers.
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Re: Concern for interceptor

You know...this thread reminds me of the old Mass Effect 2 threads about how you can't play an Adept on Insanity difficulty....or how a Vanguard was suicide to charge enemies on Insanity.


Both these things were incredibly wrong and in skilled hands where some of the most powerful classes.  I see people posting why the Infiltrator will not have issues, and all you say is you don't believe it and the "harder" difficulties will destroy it.  Sorry, to say, but to me, you are sounding either like Chicken Little, and the sky is falling, OR you are hoping to influence Bioware to buff the Infiltrator so your favorite Jav is an overpowered god.  You haven't given ANY evidence of WHY all of a sudden the Infiltrator will be so much weaker other than it must happen on higher difficulties BECAUSE....  just no..... I didn't get up to Hard on my Colossus run, but other than the grenade launcher against mobs, the gear I had didn't do much against groups.  The venom spray did decent against singles, on normal, and playing the Hulk and bashing did well for most others, but not much in the way of shooting or abilities seemed to really effect enemies for the Colossus.  Watching my son play Infiltrator, and almost single handedly dominate the battlefield makes me doubt highly any of your fears coming to pass.  Nothing you have posted explained why upping the difficulty to max which unlocks at level 30, means you should also have level 30 legendary gear by this why should all that new high level gear all of a sudden be crap??


As far as the Ranger...didn't really like it on harder difficulties...probably was a playstyle issue, as I liked the Storm and was getting into the groove with the Colossus when the demo ended.  To me the weakest Ranger for my playing was Ranger.....


I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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Re: Concern for interceptor

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I'm not saying that there is no validity to what you said. But at the same time I ran an intercept for majority of the VIP demo, in nothing but hard mode, and quite a bit of that was when playing free play with no one around and I was feeling like the enemies where the squishy ones. There was only one point the entire time, on Sunday, maybe 5-6 hours before the end, that I felt any real challenge from the game, and that was a really exciting time and by far The Best moment of the entire weekend. Still really depressed because I didn't even think about recording it till it was to lateDisappointedFrown. I was wishing the whole demo was like this. I mean legit by the end of the whole ordeal, 1 Quadwalker tank thing with good aim, and in a bad mood, two yellow bars of the guys with shields for hands with no concept of personal space, 3 legendary scouts seeing who could have my head first, half to a whole dozen elite scouts doing the same, and a few bakers dozen of the little grunt dudes throwing themselves at me, along with 3 of the grassy big foot things, and 2 giant bugs, most of which were all around at the same time. Oh and this one ranger who was doing more dying than killing, that I kept getting up for the extra challenge, man I was in heaven. I was trying to figure out where this was the whole weekend. I took them on killing most while being in the middle of it. Nearly died on 4 separate occasions, almost. I personally don't think the interceptor was actually problematic at all. Didn't even once cross my mind.

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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here's my answer, GIT GUD!!... i mean come on interceptor is easy to hold out with. you gotta play smart, pick your targets smart, use your combo's debuff the enemies, work together. it's not that hard.


if you want to go all braindead run and gun and blast everything to hell..... this AINT the game for ya.

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Re: Concern for interceptor

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I think the mobility of the interceptor is sufficient enough to allow it to continue to do its job and not die. Other people have mentioned stealth mechanics that I’m sure will help as well. I think the idea about a lock on feature for this class is a brilliant one. Lastly, it would be helpful if when the interceptor is attacking enemies there was an actual sound indicating impacts of melee attacks; instead, it sounds like you’re cutting air.

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