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Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

by EA_Atic

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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions


There is no retroactive XP for us players who already are on Rank 50. It will be cool but we need to grind it all again.✌️

Rank 500 will be a real dedication after all. :D
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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

@WindowsManTv_CZE Given that we'll be re-ranked (i.e. from Colonel to a lower rank), it would be reasonable. In previous BF titles, ranks were simply added without changing the rank title. And 500 is a massive jump from the previous 150 seen in BF1. By that time, I figure that the next BF title will be out and we'll all be grinding away on BC3 (?).


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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

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If so, do we have to fight for a long time and what new achievements have we achieved in the process of improvement?
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