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Community Broadcast - Elites

by EA_Atic

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Community Broadcast - Elites

Community Manager

On April 30, 2019, the first two Elites of Battlefield V joined the fight.

Seamus Byrne and Ernst Schubert


An Elite is a soldier character of "Legendary" rarity that is limited to a faction (such as Allies) but not limited to Class.



Unique Soldier Customization
When a player equips an Elite character, they also equip a set of pre-defined visuals on that soldier that can not be changed as long as the player has the Elite character equipped. You also cannot use the Elite’s customizaton on standard soldiers. (Example: You can’t use Seamus’ pants on a regular soldier, or Ernst’s jacket on a regular soldier.)

You can use the Elites on any class within the appropriate faction. Ernst can be a Medic, Sniper, Assault, or Support, but would never be on the Allies faction. Same with Seamus - any class, but he’d never betray the King to side with the Allies.


Signature Melee Weapon
Each Elite character comes with a signature melee weapon, which can be used across the entire Company.


Signature VO
Each Elite character comes with a set of voice over lines that are used during the boots on ground experience, except in Firestorm.


Custom Animations
When your Elite steps up to join the fight, they’ll do so with swaggar and confidence. All Elites will have their own unique front end animations.



The first two Elites are Seamus Byrne (Allies) and Ernst Schubert (Axis).

Seamus Byrne

Seamus joined the British Irish Guard as a way to get close to the action. He quickly rose through the ranks as his courage and "kick in the door" attitude proved effective even if some might call it reckless. While his personality can fill a room by itself, any time spent serving with Seamus quickly reveals his loyalty lies with the soldiers he fights with.
Faction: Allies
Signature Melee Weapon: Lever Pipe

Ernst Schubert

Cold, calculated, and always in control. Schubert is a man of few words but his presence in the field becomes evident by the gaps left in the enemy team. A pathfinder that will often remove a threat himself more quickly than he can relay its location.
Faction: Axis
Signature Melee Weapon: K98 Bayonet





What is an Elite?

  • An Elite is a soldier character obtainable with Battlefield Currency which has a signature look, persona, animations, voice, and a signature melee weapon.

What do I get when I buy an Elite?

  • A signature appearance, persona, animation, voice, and signature melee weapon.

Can I equip my Elite on any class?

  • Yes, your Elite can be on any class – Assault, Medic, Support, or Recon.

Do Elites work in other game modes such as Firestorm and Combined Arms?

  • Yes, you can also bring your Elites to Combined Arms and Firestorm.

Can I grind for Elites or use Company Coin?

  • Elites are only obtainable with premium Battlefield Currency.

When are more Elites coming?

  • We’ll have more Elites coming to the Armory through Chapter 3.

Can I use parts of the Elite customization on other soldiers?

  • No. Elite customization is a set of pre-defined visuals on that soldier that cannot be changed as long as the player has the Elite character equipped. The signature melee weapon can be used by anyone in your Company.

Are Elites cross-faction?

  • No.  As you can see from Seamus and Ernst, Elites are faction-specific.

Do Elites offer any bonuses or unfair advantages?

  • Elites do not change the way your soldier plays.

The Battlefield Team






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Re: Community Broadcast - Elites

★★ Newbie

Hoping these will be unlockable without straight paying for them



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Re: Community Broadcast - Elites

★ Pro


Elite skins can only be purchased with Battlefield Currency. 

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