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Re: Combo System Suggestion

by fatalKombo

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Combo System Suggestion

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So I just finished watching the EA Play and saw the new gameplay. I was blown away and am totally geeking out about the combo system. My wish for this system is that it is very deep and emergent. I want there to be 100's of combinations that can be discovered by the players. Combos that include 1, 2, 3, and even 4 players would be amazing. In the gameplay video I noticed what appears to be a freeze grenade and then the mortar strike creating a combo. When this happens the big combo text appears on screen. I love this stuff. i love the damage numbers and the text. It gives me very old school RPG vibes like Final Fantasy 7, or a better example is Phantasy Star 5 which also has a combo system for your party. The player had to experiement to figure out the combination attacks. Grand Cross anyone?


So my suggestion is this. Instead of just showing "COMBO" when a combo is successfully cast/initiated give each combo a unique identifier. Examples of this could be something like


"Electric Blizzard"

"Napalm Dome"

"Lighting Tornado" 



By giving the combos a unique name the player community will be able to track the recipes for the combos on community sites etc... The player's def need the min feedback of a unique identifer so they can learn and understand what is actually happening. 


Maybe when unique combos are successfully found an ingame a log/lore book could record the recipe for the player. The log would contain information about the effect it caused and the abilities/skills/players/items need to make it happen.


Thanks for listening guys. Most anticipated game right now. 

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Re: Combo System Suggestion

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This is getting buried and I think the devs def need to see it. "The Division" and even Mass Effect has a combo system. The problem with all these other systems is the player feedback is minimal at best. Please name the combos!!!!!! The player experience will be so much better. Community encyclopedias will develop detailing all the combinations. Clans on Xbox One will be able to discuss the recipes they've discovered in their groups. More importantly for the developers when expanding the game with new items/abilities/weapons/javelins new combinations of combos can be added to the pool for player's to discover. 


On the surface fighting should be easy to pick up for anyone. But for the hardcore RPG lovers who really dive into this system I would love to see enemy encounters almost have a puzzle vibe to them. What combo do we use to make the enemy vulnerable? What combo makes the enemy take more damage? What combo slows them down? All this combo stuff is layered ontop of all the other gameplay mechanics like where do we shoot the enemy, do we shoot the eggs first to get the enemy to show themselves? Which combo do we use as a group to survive phase 3 of the boss battle? and on and on and on. Make it as complex and deep as possible. 


The point is players don't have to do this. Just shooting and dodging like mad will work eventually, but speed runners and professional clans will use the combos for some truly amazing teamwork. 

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