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Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

by EA_Alexander

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

★★★★ Novice

I use ralners for fire procs, or siege breaker for ice procs and run a detonator on E (RB) and rather another primer on my Q(LB) or a damage ability. the Interceptor is my main right now so hitting with Vipers Bite(or sting? the augment for the E (RB) acid attack) stacks well with a melee/cqb build allowing for massive damage,combo set up and ult sustainability. 

TIP: don't apply frost/fire to a target that has fire/frost on it. this will turn off the other proc. (It tells you in game, but you see it a lot. blaze grenade from the ranger or fire mortar from the colossus that is then hit by ice shards. nobody wins)

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

★★ Guide

@bulletw1st wrote:


Click here for higher resolution or hit [ ] on the video to open up full screen. 


I made a video to showcase everything I talk about, below.  If I convinced ONE NEW PERSON to go Storm, my job is done!  Sick


Hey everyone!  Tips for new players/low level, like me:


Really, really cool thread concept to engage the community!  Research led me to choose Storm.  I'm very early on in the game (just level 9) but this is what I'm using and it feels wonderful!  Anthem's probably the best game I've ever played for having satisfying combat.  And COMBOS is no joke!  At first I was like, "whatever" but now that I'm set up for sweet, sweet combogeddon on my foes, I could not imagine Anthem without it!  So here's what I'm using (PS4):


  • Blast Seal = Ice Storm (primer, L1)
  • Focus Seal = Burning Orb (detonator, R1)

What's cool is that if you can get an Inscription on your Ice Storm Blast Seal that increases SPEED, there's no delay and it's just so snappy!  You can freeze entire groups of enemies and then you just hold down R1 to charge the Focus Seal, the Burning Orb, and you launch this awesome fire ball that makes them explode.  You also get splash damage.  I'm only level 9 and this feels soooo powerful and satisfying.  At such a low level, your weapons are pretty useless--I've crafted an Uncommon Devastator Sniper (I take a couple shots at turrets with it in the video) which is pretty decent but with all the extra combo damage, hardly need guns this early in the game!


The Storm is great for engaging from a distance and you can hover for pretty much as long as you need to and then just L1-R1, back-and-forth, and get that roughly 30% COMBO bonus damage!  I haven't even done Strongholds yet with other people, but I'll be pretty darn useful!  Don't forget your MELEE, either!  You can L1 to prime enemies with your freeze then charge in and melee.  The melee is a detonator and does impressive combo damage.  Talk about a one-two, punch!!


Lastly, I'll just point out that these two Seals are so good that you'll manage quite well with them through most of the game.  It's such a powerful combination and then I think that some Masterwork and Legendary seals are just fancy versions of Ice Storm and Burning Orb, some of them at least, and those are the ones I will be looking for to replace my Epic versions when the time comes.  As a side note, running a Wind Wall (L1 + R1) as your Support Seal, is really good for when you need to do revives (not to mention for protection during TITAN fights!) so that you might not have to rely so much in using your Ultimate in order to ensure the clutch.  Love popping Wind Walls in front of groups of enemies or huge bosses!  Wink 


Have fun, everyone, building your own Monster Javelins!  Cheers! Cocktail

That's hilarious, I have this exact same build for my Storm. Freeze 'em and fireball 'em!

And carry around a Devastator aka Rocket Launcher!

You're right - don't forget the MELEE - works great as a detonator

Floating around w. buffed shield, laying waste to the poor fools below... ah it is GLORIOUS!

Standard smile

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge


Builds aside I like lone primed stragglers on my Interceptor to pick up an aura when my own gear is on cooldown.

"From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire."

[Robert Frost - Fire and Ice]

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

★★★★★ Novice

I find having Spark Dash and Detonating Strike to be the best for an Electric Interceptor build against shielded enemies (which are especially annoying on GM levels). Plus I love the electricity visuals and I can't go Storm because #TeamInterceptor. It takes down shields with ease if you charge the target with the Spark Dash primer and detonate it with the Detonating Strike since you're in mid-air after charging.

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

★ Apprentice

I just picked up the game on release day and have played a bit. Still progressing through the game.


The game just reminds me so much of the ME and DA combo system, it really is no different, just more advanced and thought out. Players definitely have more choices and means to generate combos, that is for sure.


I have primarily been using the Colossus. I love flying up, landing in a group of mobs with a melee strike to knock em about. Using the Shock Coil to prime them and then following up with either a melee strike again to detonate if my team mates have not already done so. Good fun.



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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

★ Guide

I've found that a Firewall Mortar and Siege Cannon can produce an absolutely monstrous explosion together when you prime a lot of enemies with the fire and then set them all off with the cannon. 


It's also important to remember that combos can be set off with melee attacks. Setting them off is always worth it, so don't miss the opportunity because no detonators are off cooldown. Channel your inner Mr. Torgue and PUNCH HIM SO HARD HE EXPLODES! 

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

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★★★ Novice

I like to play Thiccboi like The Hulk rather than mobile artillery.


My favorite combo set up is:


1) Voltaic Dome - Good aoe dmg AND hard CC setting everything up to EXPLODE? Yes please.


2) My MITS to make everything go BLAM.


3) Demolition Tribute. As I make everything go BLAM and EXPLODE with my MITS... I get HEALED?


You literally run around knocking everything down (CCing things to distract enemies and spare your allies), popping combos whenever you're in a stack of enemies


This is the funnest class I have played in a game. Everywhere I go, I make explosions. Ridiculous, huge, multi target target explosions.

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

★ Guide

For those pesky wolven, I tend to smack them good with the shock mace, then blast them with the energy pulse from the assault launcher.

Works well at the lower levels when gear is still scarce.

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

[ Edited ]
★ Guide

Interceptor is set up for maximum melee detonator combos that pack one hell of a punch.  1-2 K.O. is a Spark Dash followed by a Tempest strike. Interspersed with Unending Battle and tons of gear speed bonus to be all melee all the time.

Images show a single spark dash during charge then after strike and obtaining an acid combo from across the map. 

Side note: Going frame by frame in the recorded video of the Spark Dash is an absolute beauty.  Playing, it goes too quick and you don't really see much.  But wow, the camera gets lost as you zip ahead and it has to play catch-up.  Freaking fantastically animated. What an absolutely fun mechanic.

The tip: Self combos are great. But it's also ok to not have abilities that combo together by your lonesome. You'll notice that not all abilities are for creating combos.  Working with a group, you can set primers and detonators on different javelins to allow for very interesting gameplay.


Stronger together, Freelancer.

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Re: Combo Strategies – Get a Colossus forum badge

I'm currently playing with Ranger. (Didn't play a lot, I am still low level.)
If I encounter a dangerous/powerful enemy, I like to find a high cliff or simply do the hovering(press the C key while you’re in the air on PC) and empty all the fire power I have. XD

Yours sincerely, Mikimuster3
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