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Combine Redundant Inscriptions to Fix Itemization and Loot

by Intoxicus710

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Combine Redundant Inscriptions to Fix Itemization and Loot

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Condense inscriptions to fix loot drops.

Bioware would do a lot for loot by combining redundant inscriptions.

Combine all shield, ammo, weapon damage, flight, overheat, resistances, etc into single inscriptions.

For example the "shields" inscription would include recharge rate, delay, etc. And there would only be shields buff(increases amount of shields) and shields enhancement which does recharge time, delay, etc. Weapon Damage and Ammo would apply to all guns and not one specific gun. Flight inscription would combine flight time, etc.

One of the biggest issues with loot is that there are too many inscriptions that are redundant and dilute the loot pool creating literal Casino/Slot Machine levels odds(do the math yourself.) This is a video game, not a Casino or Slot Machine. Casino/Slot Machine odds do not work for video games. Any ideation of how to do loot mechanics that derives from Casino logic or algorithms will not work for Video Games. The psychology is as different as it is similar. You need rewards more often in Video Games to keep them engaged. Casinos work because of the possibility of real life significant sums of life changing money. This ain;t Diablo 2 and you can't trade. Loot is not worth any tangible in the real word and you don't have an Auction House like Diablo 3 did to fill in the gap of bad rolls. 

If the leads think this will work because it worked for Diablo 3 they have to realize **IT DID NOT WORK FOR DIABLO 3!!!!!** They scrapped all that and massively increased the odds and the lesson they learned is starving players for loot will not keep them coming back. It's like you guys are only looking at release Diablo 3 and forgot all the changes they had to make to salvage their mistakes. Loot 2.0 does have a lot of flaws and is a band aid for inherently flawed mechanics and itemization. Please learn from their mistakes and stop repeating them. This is almost exactly like the path of Diablo 3 but without an Auction House to prop things up.

If you combine inscriptions and reduce the amount of possible inscriptions it will clean things up and do a lot to make loot better in one fell swoop. It will increase odds, make loot better, and also make the players actually feel truly powerful. The current inscriptions don't do enough and we just do not feel "powerful" as things currently are.

Bioware has permission to use these ideas directly. I would only ask for credit given where due, and nothing else, if Bioware does use these ideas fully or partially

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