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Colossus suggestions/improvements

by Cocobuttking

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Colossus suggestions/improvements

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I have been playing the Colossus since the launch. This is some suggestions that I think would improve the overall gameplay of the Colossus. 


  1. Siege cannon, Masterwork replenish 35% armor when hitting an enemy. When this mod is bound to a skill it makes the skill almost required for late game builds since colossus has no other means of armor regen. The mod should instead be bound to a component with a CD, hitting an enemy with a skill grants 35% armor can only trigger every 10 s. Allowing you to choose skills freely, better overall player experience.
  2. Flak cannon is very underwhelming. Suggestion is to make it have 5 charges. And instead of being a glorified shotgun, make it shoot a burst of small explosive cartridges. Also add a detonate effect, so that lightning coil is no longer the only short-range option for detonation. (Except for melee).
  3. Taunt masterwork effect. Regen XX% of armor during taunt effect. Gives a way for colossus to sustain a bit better in melee. Also, possible to regen behind cover to make it possible to get back into battle.
  4. When lowering your shield. There is a short delay before you can draw it again. This makes no sense, it’s not a skill so it should be instant and no cooldown. Optimizing shield use should be a skill cap between players, not a limitation of the game.
  5. While holding a shield you cannot aim with a sniper. All actions made that interferes with the shield should automatically cause the shield to be withdrawn.
  6. Same the other way, using shield should interrupt all other actions. Making it a high-level skill cap, if you are good with the shield you are rewarded by being able to play more difficult content.
  7. Remove stun effect when shield breaks. If this would be to OP, make it so that you take 50% of the over damage from the shield break. Taking damage is better than being stunned.
  8. After ultimate effect automatically draw shield before animation is over. Makes no sence to get full health from the ultimate if you are back at 5% when the animation is over.
  9. Venom spitter, add splash effect on impact to prime enemies in a group. This would make venom spitter a possible primer option for a long-range build. An option for fire mortar.
  10. Increase area of all mortar and long-range blast skills to make up for the long cooldown time. Especially for high explosive mortar, the name of the skill makes you super disappointed when using it.
  11. Make resistances on gear higher, give the player an option to choose to do less damage in order to be able to tank more for the team.
  12. Allow colossus to have the shotgun equipped while shield is drawn. Give this big guy a reason to stay up close, and just for an overall fun playstyle.
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Re: Colossus suggestions/improvements

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Definitely agree with the above point about have the shotgun and shield option ✊ I’d like to see more heavy weapon options like handheld Flamethrowers, heavy shotguns, bigass handcannons and machine guns ( you already have light and the miniguns are in a class of their own ).  Maybe scrap the flak cannon attachment and actually have that as a weapon, same with the 3 shell mortar..replacement that with a proper cluster bomb instead that explodes in the air and showers everyone with mini bombs. Having a Grenade Launcher also for the shoulder attachment...maybe that could be the cluster bomb 🤔

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Re: Colossus suggestions/improvements

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The Best Defense trait is too powerful in its current state, but it shouldn't be a component I think, it should just be toned down so it's 35% health back per shot if an enemy was hit, not 35% per enemy hit. 


The Titan Hail masterwork also needs to be changed. A burst mortar that detonates combos isn't a real improvement to this item. The Burst mortar should exist for people who want to play as artillery and lay down huge amounts of explosive shells, so the masterwork should enable firing it a lot more often, not just lazily add something that other dedicated abilities already exist for. 


A lot of the components need an overhaul to be really good, I've already started a thread about that. I think I'll write another one about the masterwork abilities.

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Re: Colossus suggestions/improvements

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The Best Defense is for sure OP, especially since you get hp even if you don’t hit an enemy. But i still don't think it makes sense to have a defensive trait on an offensive skill. Siege cannon is supposed to be the big single target detonator. Why would you put the only viable defensive trait on the single target detonator? The choice to go for siege cannon should not be based on defense and sustain.

For me it feels like the developers just sat down and came up with cool ideas for traits. And never stopped to think if they made sense on the gear, they applied it to.


Regarding primer and detonators in the game. The comment on burst mortar is quite a good example to which I agree. The problem in my mind is that you basically have to use a primer and a detonator in the game as it is today. You will simply do more damage. So, for the skills that's neither prim/deto they should really be stronger individually than primers or detonators. Then you would get the situation where you have damage skills and combo skills which you use to get another advantage. 

This would justify using them even though you miss out on the combo effect.

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Re: Colossus suggestions/improvements

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Well, siege does imply that you're taking your time to methodically wear the enemy down, which a weapon that prolongs your life but doesn't do all that much damage does brilliantly.


Mortar detonators are a joke. They are way too slow to get the detonation off unless everyone else on your team is snoozing. The Titan Hail just adding detonator to the Burst Mortar is the saddest masterwork in the game I think. The whole fantasy of the Burst Mortar is laying down this awesome creeping barrage, hailing shells on the enemy non-stop. That's what the item should be about, and that's what the masterwork should support.  

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