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Colossus shield + gear

by MiguelRissi

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Colossus shield + gear

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Howdy guys Standard smile


im a Ranger main but I wish to discuss the Colossus.

the Colossus should b able to use gear while the shield is up - at least the ordinance launcher.

lets face it, at the moment, the Colossus is the least relevant javelin in a fight - it comes in for about 1 minute and then retreats cuz it has no health and the shield is only good for bashing. I play on hard and I see Colossus all the time struggling to deal with a single shielded target. Lets show some love for our thicc boi and allow it to use his gear while the shield is up - this would keep him relevant in a fight and a bit more on par with other javelins.


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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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@MiguelRissiyou haven't played with the right pilots, or your aren't seeing the whole picture. 


I jump in the middle of trash mobs all the time, use my shock coil to prime, waiting on someone to combo off it. You see me retreat to circle around and do it again. Or I'm moving on to attack a much larger target, from behind, or use battle cry to get the mob to turn around so the Squad can shoot them in the back. Sure I use my Shield for protection, after battle cry, I know the punishment I'm getting read to take, or when I fighting a High  Hit point target waiting to take it down. 


Least Relevant, are you joking right Now??? If done right you could drop a elite mob target in seconds, using the right combo off a Ranger Colossus team up. 

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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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Colossus got a stiff learning curve and gear dependent
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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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I've found that you can use one ordinance, and that is the Shock Coil.  You start the Shock Coil then throw up your shield.  I do think being able to use any of the ordinances off your back should be usable while the shield is up though.

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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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of the 4, yes I do believe the colossus brings the weakest game - looking at it objectively and I do love the Colossus.
Wouldn’t you agree that having the shield up and then throwing a firewall and then combo with a siege canon would be a game changer for the colossus? I do believe it was intended to be used like this and taking in account that his ordinance launcher takes some time to be ready and fire.
In any case, this just just my opinion.
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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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I would like to be able to shot my Flamethrower while having my shield up.

Just like those big Scars that have a shield and Flamethrower.

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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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he does have one almost op combo in flamethrower shock combo and he is great fro slaughtering trash but the problems happen if they kill rate drops and he gets healths tarved. so the harder the content the less use he is . his supposed bonuses in heavy weapons are weak and counter to how you have to play him.


off the top of my head i think he needs to have some passive ability to reset his health maybe give it the ability to regen the same way other javs shields do but only to half way , or maybe he gets a small normal shield when he puts his board away. so he can use skills /weapons. without getting his health melted.


he is by far the weakest of the javs , theres just no pay off to his negatives.

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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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You know nothing... John Snow!


Colossus is the strongest of all javelins, but not easy to master. Most play him totally wrong.... The talk about the shield proves it.

With a full colossus crew we killed  the spiderqueen on hardmode before she couldn't even spawn her first addwave.... And we only had a powerlevel of 250 . now i'm close to 400 and she dies even faster with a colossus crew if everyone knows how to play him.


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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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My Ranger is about half the power level of your colossus (about 120 if I’m not mistaken) and I did beat the stronghold on hard - at the moment it’s the highest difficulty I have and I am level 16.
Please tell us your tactics, maybe we are just really bad with the Colossus and you can help In that regard.
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Re: Colossus shield + gear

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When I first read this post I was going to bring up the shock coil/ flamethrower combo and ran across your reply.  That's the most OP combo in the game.  You have your primer and detonator going at the same time and you just wipe out anything in your path.  


The colossus is just fine.  They beefed him up just right.  The learning curve is there and some players just won't be able to grasp it I guess, but for those who know how to use him its a beast.  Nothing wrong with the Colossus at all.  No you can't use your weapons with the shield out, but the Colossus is the only one able to use the shields as an additional weapon as well so it balances out.  


I was in free play all alone in the middle of a World event, power low, horde all around me, and I just started trampling them with my shield killing the enemies in my path and using them to replenish my health.  Next thing you know I'm right back at full strength and in the fight again.  The problem isn't the Javelin it's the pilots.

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