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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework


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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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There is no overgearing of content right now.  Hard mode is set up to be done in blue gear.  As far as the only viable loadout being the flame thrower and lightning's just not true.  I've done hard mode a lot on my colossus with various loadouts and I haven't had trouble with most of them.  I find most of the mortars to be kind of weak since you have to take the time to aim where they will land, that extra time is lost dps, but there are a number of ver viable gear setups out there right now.  If you are struggling on hard then Colossus might not be for you.

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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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It’s pretty easy to dodge as the Colossus with its double jump.. do that with your shield out and you rarely take damage. Especially cuz your shield recharges when you use your weapons, and when it’s out you can shield bash/ground smash enemies to pieces. Try equipping a flamethrower too! It’s an OP javelin when used right, and for me it is the strongest one I can use although I prefer the interceptor gameplay. 

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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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colossus is a special kind, but not to bad. i was playing it most of the time.


1. you can "attack" with your shield by using the shield as the weapon. just running through or flying in the enemies and dealing a nice amount of damage for no cost of ammo/charges. maybe add a small hp-regeneration for every hit?


2. i play my colossus with lightning coil + flamethrower. you can deal some nice combos on your own. perks seem very buggy at the moment. (+100% charges doesn't work)


3. having no shield bar like the other javelins can be a pain on higher difficulties when you're shot at from all sites. in combination with the disappearing hp bar segments a clear disadvantage. 


4. except from lightning coil and flamethrower other skills seem to deal low damage for the higher recharge times compared to other javelins. 


5. autocannons need a rework. low on damage (no staggering, high ttk), mediocre on precision. slow reload, warm-up time, low spare-ammo. they don't stand a chance against my sledgehammer. 


just a few thoughts from my side. 


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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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I think it needs a healing less of a shielf make it so his health comes back slowly over time i enjoy the class not as tanky as i like but i play tank class in a few games and it does need a little something i believe a small constant heal would make it nore playable

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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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Colossus-specific inscriptions have massive boosts to health and shields both, to the point that they are the only ones that you should use when you get them. The Colossus is also an aggressive tank; you cannot just stand there and take it, you have to move just like the other Javelins. The best combo for the Colossus, and possibly the only one worth taking, is the self-combo of Flamethrower and Lightning Coil. Set things on fire with the flamethrower, and blow them up when the lightning coil shocks them.
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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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I really wanted to like the colossus. With better gear that javelin did seem better. I just found that other javelins with worse gear feel better. I played the colossus the first half of this weekend and found it fun. I switched to the storm and it felt immediately more enjoyable.

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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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I like the challenge that the Collosus bring to my game time. Will be nice to have it recharge health past the red bit but aside from that he is one tough cookie after equipping uncommon and higher gear. 

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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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I still like how a lot of people are complaining and thinking the Colossus needs a rework.. And the argument is always the same.. It needs more HP, it needs a Regen Shield, the No dodge for Colossus..

Ok so think of the Colossus as an extremely heavy Javelin that has trouble even flying (sounds like it is about to drop out of the sky at any time when flying) and you expect it to be able to react extremely fast to dodge something..... I think some people were dropped on their head.

The Colossus does get more HP, but only when you start actually using the Colossus Only Components. You are looking at between 700-1000hp and 500-800 armour per Component. Your Damage reduction goes up crazy.

If the Colossus had a Regen shield then they would take the HP away so you would be left with a Slow moving prime target that will get wasted in 2 secs flat.

The only thing that i am experiencing is the fact that there are a lot of people who play games like my house mate does, you go in half cocked expecting to just come out guns blazing, the mobs all die and you are invincible, because games should just do that... No the Colossus needs a player who is decent at micro management, able to see where the enemy is, able to position themselves so they dont get surrounded, when a surprise does occur they put their shield up for the brief time they need then back down so the shield can regen durability. Also moving forward on top of your enemies means you will be walking over HP pickups.

The main thing that needs attention is the Skills.. At present there is only 1 Viable Build for Colossus that is Strong, everything else is very lack lustre for the Colossus skills.

- All of the Skills on the same placement as the Lightning Coil need to be usable while shield is up.
- All other skills need to be revisited and revamped for better Synergy with the Colossus
- The Colossus need to have Spread Fire Launcher Primer that drops fire/ice/acid clouds over a large area to be of more use.
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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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Or, how about we wait for the full game to actually come out. Instead of complain about a beta/demo with very limited gameplay and items. None of you know what is in store for it. Could be plenty of items that truly turn it into a massive damage sink. Truly taking on the tank role. Wait for the full game

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Re: Colossus Needs a Rework

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The only change I think they need is making the assault launcher usable while shield is up. Not just the one shock attack. Outside of that he plays well to me. 

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