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Clan system?

by Ninety9Jewz

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Clan system?

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I think I just missed it while playing the demo (was way to into playing the missions and exploring), but can we create our own clans or groups and name them?

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Re: Clan system?

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Not planned as of now as they are focussing on the Alliance system.

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Re: Clan system?

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Wasn't available in the demo, and have no idea at launch, but the ability to do so is apparently coming.

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Re: Clan system?

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Right now we have an alliance system but from what i can tell that just a weekly quest for coins that is based on what your top 5 friends do that week.

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Re: Clan system?

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@Ninety9JewzThe clan system wasn't in either one of the demos due to the fact that they were exactly that, demos. Neither demo was to last longer than 3 days thus having such a system would have not of made any real sense, especially when it's not even really core element, at least not in concept that the game can actually function without that part, while not entirely fluidly, I will admit, it can be done.


In terms of full game, there is so much vague, shady grey areas, right now, in a number of more impactful focus such as microtransactions, UI, and server stability that have taken the spot light right now. Until we see the game's release, and people have time to test and understand more of the games as far as what actually is in comparison of the demos, in result of doing so, explain such bigger questions to be explained away, thus leaving room for the smaller questions, information on things like this will likely be scarce. HOWEVER, I am 99.99% certain that a clan system is already been noted by Bioware and can expected in the not to distant future.

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Re: Clan system?

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Not planned as of now as they are focussing on the Alliance system.

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Re: Clan system?

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there is the Alliance System at the moment which is just EXP bonuses for friends on your friends list... The Clan/Guild system they have stated will be in the game, but at a later date.
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