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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

by full951

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Cheating / XIM APEX

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So me and my squad got wiped out by a level 4 Gibraltar, no big deal except this guys was lasering us.

After watching him we can see he clearly look through wall, have a really heavy aim assist and such.

I decide to report his account but also add him as a friend.


Or he told me you can use it to have aim assist with a controller on PC. I couldn't find any info so I came here 

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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

Community Manager

Hey @TheEvoran974, please do not share links to any cheats you may see as doing so is technically a breach of the AHQ User Rules and Guidelines.


From here on out, any sharing of videos or naming of users and accusing them of cheating or linking to cheating sites will result in bans.


If you are in game and suspect a user of cheating then please report them by following the steps in this link:


We take all reports very seriously and will fully investigate.




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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

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Is it considered as a cheat, if I was killed with just one shot from very far (hardly can see opponent), when I was wearing full purple armor (so, total 200 hp, right?

As far as I know, there is no weapon in the game, that causes that much of a damage. Super rare craber is 125 or so. 

So, cheat?? 

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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

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Gota love it.  Protect the cheaters and ban the legit players for attempting to get you to do something about it.

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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

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Kraber do 220 in the head, no cheat just a lucky shot

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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

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Thank you but did you even read what I said ? I didn't link anything cheat realted, I'm askin if Using XIM APEX w ich is a USB STICK that you can buy to play with KB and MOUSE on a console OR using aim assist on PC is considerd cheating

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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

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The Mouse/Keyboard adapters for consoles aren't hack machines. All they do is allow you to map that console's controller buttons to mouse and keyboard buttons. As far as the system is concerned you're still using a controller. The adapter simply translates is all. Aim assist is on console pretty much every time it's a shooter. That's not a hack either. 

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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

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kraber is 125 to the body, a headshot does 220 and the only way to survive a kraber shot is purple armor + purple helmet. Purple armor + white/blue helmet will be 1 shot. White/blue armor + any helmet will be 1 shot.
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Re: Cheating / XIM APEX

★★ Guide

apex should be aim assist free across the board.

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