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Re: Cheaters - What's next? Forced fullscreen?

by warslag

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Cheaters - What's next? Forced fullscreen?

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After reading (and experiencing, for sure) how many cheaters are playing this game, I searched for some websites and had a look at the -many- available cheats for this game.

There are no-recoil scripts, aimbots, wallhacks, HWID changers to create new accounts on banned hardware... and multi-hacks with all of these and more.

I really hope that Apex Legends/Easy Anti-Cheat staff is aware of all these sites and cheats, and actually try them as part of the counter-measures development.


However, one thing I read in some of the hacks is that they need the game NOT TO BE IN FULLSCREEN MODE or else they won't work. Might forced Full Screen be a possible measure?

Others need some graphic options to be customized by using some third-party software/profiler, making aimbots' detection easier. Could this be prevented as well?

It's a shame that so many people are leaving the game due to cheaters... hope you hit 'em hard!







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Re: Cheaters - What's next? Forced fullscreen?

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They wont, they dont care, like some other guy said, cheat vendors making dollars, EZ Bear or whatever getting a cut, they are working together. There is no way they are doing something. Back in early May i had a cheater on my team, just lighting everyone up with a R99, yesterday that same guy killed me, I spectated of course, hes running the same aimbot. SO hes getting his moneys worth for over 3 weeks of hacks

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Re: Cheaters - What's next? Forced fullscreen?

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What kind of ghetto cheats require you to run the game in windowed mode?  The decent ones I've seen all let you run in fullscreen.

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Re: Cheaters - What's next? Forced fullscreen?


Report any cheats you encounter using the in game report feature or along with any evidence you may have to EAC here.


 You can find more information about how to report players here.


Or if you would like to know more about how to report websites for hacking or cheating you can do that here.

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