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Cheaters Apex Legends

by SirRagamuffyn

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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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"How can you assume they are cheaters without proving they are cheaters? I am sure there are plenty of them out there but who is to assume that the ones with the high kills are cheating or just literally play non stop every day."


Who has the time or desire for that kind of existential debate.  The damage is already done.  Hackers are on the game now.  EA might do "something", and the hackers might counter with something else.  And on and on.  Because the game was rolled out with holes in it there is no way to know tomorrow or 6 months from now that you are or aren't playing against hacks.  Let's say you grind it out and make this your primary game for a year.  When EA stops supporting the game, hackers can simply operate with impunity and that leaves you where?


I stopped playing this game.  My advice is for others to stop as well.  Don't reward the developer with your money if they irresponsibly release a game with what are apparently easily exploited holes in it.

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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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there is * ton of cheaters right now . i have proof on my stream a guy who had 74 kills and 74 headshots , did a 180 pop me in the head insta death.


im pretty good at this game average 10 kills a game and i have many wins . im not a scrub who call cheats for no reasons but you will see they are blatantly cheating cause they dont care about getting banned since you can just make another account... they should hardware ban cheaters.


Also had Rankings so cheaters will play other cheaters based on their stats.. it will be a cluster * real fast.

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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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what about dizzy??? hes lvl 100 with like 5000+ kills and he doesnt' cheat.... so your reasoning is pretty broken.

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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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You can spectator your killer. People can easily confirm when they're downed by cheaters.

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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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Yeah... you can spectator people who down you to confirm. No one is making assumptions.

I had 3 confirmed cheaters over the course of 10 games kill me, and more occasions that had me tilt my head(unconfirmed)

So please, stay on topic and stop being insufferable... it's a real problem to those of us that actually want to get good, that want to have fun and play, regardless of if we win or lose.

Game is great, cheaters are cowards who just want a quick thrill that are even willing to pay for it...
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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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i agree with everything you say there is a serious problem right now when u get 1 shot with full purple armor fully behind cover its not fun anymore
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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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please instead of "taking it seriously and investigating" keep investing on anti cheat seriously pubg went to trash mostly cos of performance problems and hackers liked this game please keep these hackers away it is soo easy to open new account and after they ruin our game it s not important if you investigate or not prevent it.

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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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Tons of people streaming the hacks on youtube EA this is a great game but without proper punishment for cheating the community will just leave.

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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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People are already leaving due the cheating problem. Three of my friends have stopped playing just because of the cheating problem. We haven't got a single normal game recently because of the F**king cheaters.
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Re: Cheaters Apex Legends

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yes this game is so nice but there is more cheaters in this game than cs its totaly sick
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