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Cheater report

by iam_fuzzY_01

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Cheater report

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Please create in game cheater report system

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Re: Cheater report

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I haven't had many problems with my data centre, but I do have a problem with the flood of name & shamers we've seen on here. So it's a +1 from me!

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Re: Cheater report


A Ingame report system is currently being developed and i'm guessing it will drop soon. :eahigh_file:

I am a volunteered Champion, not an EA employee.
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Re: Cheater report

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i don't want an in-game report system


people will start to report everyone and it's going to be a * mess, delayed bans, wrong bans and *.


and besides, banning free accounts is pointless...bla bla hardware ban (useless)


i want an effective anti-cheat system.... not this garbage that they are using right now

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