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Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

by szaiiley

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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They can say they got rid of 5 million cheaters but if it is not noticeable in your games then it does not mean a whole lot.

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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that is the WHOLE point!...



its very clear they didnt stop the new account creation for the hackers to continue doing what they are doing!


all they did was catch some ... I REPEAT SOME... of the cheaters in the game 

60 guys jump in ... 57 you can killl... out of the entire server 45 are walling at minimum........35 servers GLOBALLY? all are flooded with the same ol same ol!

its worse now then it ever was holy SV!T

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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@TJ400000 wrote:

Hahahahahaha, zero effort on creating new account on Origin to play this very nice F2P title Apex Legends.


The easy way to save the world would be:


Requires phone verification when registering Origin account



The hard way could be:


Establish the laws to illegalize cheating industry



Yes, whenever there is a ban wave on the F2P title Apex Legends, it makes me, someone playing on SEA server feels that the Origin account really does not worth anything, any scum could register as much accounts as they like, and there are millions of scums out there on this planet.

The phone verification sounds like an amazing idea to keep cheaters away in a free to play game.


Establishing laws is not hard but simply impossible for a company like EA, especial if the cheat creating companies make a ton of money on it.


I believe it to be illegal in Europe at the moment to create cheats and sell them without EA's permission.

Because your kinda leeching off their game then.

Creating cheats and spread them without making money from it is not and therefore its not punished in any other way then a account ban.

Correct me if i'm wrong.





In general its nice to see a person attempting to proof there are a lot of cheaters.

I'm guessing its Asian servers?

I'm not completely ignorant, meeting a person like that every 2 hours seems fishy at the very least.

BUT a screenshot of a person with good stats CANNOT be used for bans and is not proof.

If it was that easy it would not be a problem. everybody with the 4K damage badge instant ban!


You need to have material showing their cross hair flicking and then glued on the head of a target.

And then follow it up with terrible movement and not being able to target a item on the group to loot it.


Because people that have insane aim ALWAYS combine it with insane movement.


The problem is everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

EA banning 1 guy that is skilled and truly innocent and just a beast at this game, Is more terrible and embarrassing then not banning 100 cheaters.




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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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I absolutly agree on your points as someone playing in NA servers ( also people play on EU servers ). There are tons of good players that could be faced to be banned mistakenly.


But yet the situation here in SEA is not quite the same I think. SEA is the main battleground of the cheating industry. The ever more growing industry had their claws destroying in its reachable distance.


So, the only reason I could think of is that people who buy cheats might be those quite rich, and they do purchase a considerable amount of microtransactions. So Respawn is thinking of putting them on a seperate server only for cheaters. I heard they have done that in Titanfall. I never tried Titanfall and I think it is a single player game ? Maybe with multiplayer mode as well.


Anyway, it is a terrible thing to think about, with your Battle Pass ending sooner and sooner yet you are not sure if I could really have the will to finish it to get the Golden Dragon Havoc at the end, seeing all sorts of meddlers in SEA servers, seems like a forgotten corner by the gaming company.


I don't know how many people from the company play in SEA everyday ? Maybe they really hate to play in SEA. It is totally reasonable though.

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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China won't change for any of us they're just going to keep on cheating and being that way.



Blocking China 

Blocking Eastern Bloc


Giving them their own version which has a different Client Host statck and prevent all connections via Nord VPN


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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Yup, and what might be unhappy for me is that might mean I have to play this Chinese version as well ....

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Activate by phone and send activation code by text. 

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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There are 50 million players, you try picking out a million yellow jackets in a hive that has 49 million bees

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Hi guys,


Just had my first game of the evening on Taiwan server, and the champ from last game is this one with crazy ID " something with 37599357 something like that *8 RANDOM ODD NUMBERS ". He's got crazy stats, and that means he played quite some game and must have been reported many times by many people, and,


what is the excuse that I still see him being the champion ?


If EA cannot get him in 3 days span after reporting, what's the positive meaning of its anticheat department still getting paid ?


I wonder, anything that does not make good players happy is no use at all.

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Very good question. Even on the screenshot I posted the guy is literally mocking EAC and Respawn that their anti cheat is lousy. The guy even say he’s been cheating for a long time and hasn’t even been banned yet even though was reported multiple times. Respawn can only dish out any numbers on however much account been banned which has no meaning whatsoever. Can you imagine how bad is it to have cheater themselves mocking the anti cheat? 



And btw the screenshot that I provided was removed even though I censored all the name pfft. They can’t handle the truth. It’s almost like they’re trying to protect those cheaters lmao.

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