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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

by TJ400000

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Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Rolled out ''news'' saying that already banned 770k accounts, stopping 4k account creation means nothing. Ya'll can dish out all the numbers but the fact is ya'll are doing nothing to prevent cheaters in this game. Stop lying to those legit players by dishing out empty numbers, these are just all bark and no bite. Your anti cheat is a joke! This game is literally a CHEATING FEST.

Even the cheaters themselves are mocking Respawn and EAC. Stop the BS about ''we don't do weekly updates because it'll worn out our dev'', you dont need to bring out new legends or new gun or even new map everytime to keep the players engaged. STEP UP YOUR ANTI CHEAT FIRST.


Here are the proof :


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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Hahahahahaha, zero effort on creating new account on Origin to play this very nice F2P title Apex Legends.


The easy way to save the world would be:


Requires phone verification when registering Origin account



The hard way could be:


Establish the laws to illegalize cheating industry



Yes, whenever there is a ban wave on the F2P title Apex Legends, it makes me, someone playing on SEA server feels that the Origin account really does not worth anything, any scum could register as much accounts as they like, and there are millions of scums out there on this planet.

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Apex Legends is * OWNED by the cheaters. 


Its so pathetic. 

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Broken heart

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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YUP...Just switched over to the N/A servers cause, not kidding here, every match for the last 2hrs had hackers. Make it to final zap zap...done...TJ4 knows what i'm talking about. Yes, mods...I report n report n report. Even one TM of mine was hacking..asking me if I want to buy one...craziness...then he got destroyed by the other hacker...LONGBOW know the drill....weird that dudes with 4000 plus kills with a level half that of mine are still playing.
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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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waste of time to play this game. Legit player go in just to get lasered down but bunch of hackers. Whats the point of playing when even the dev dont gives 2 sh13t about this game.

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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Yes same problem every game is full of cheaters it’s basically aimbot vs aimbot now 

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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You see guys ? Cheater with 4000+ kills still enjoying this game and asking others on the team if they care to buy a cheat.


I mean CM here will of course saying please report cheat, please do not share cheat, but cheat here in Asia is everywhere, it is a fashion, you know ? It is fashionable to use cheat, it is trendy, I mean, non-cheaeters wanted to kill the cheaters, there are incidents in Internet cafe that people beating cheaters then taken away by police.


But cheaters were just everywhere.


And the CM here would say, accounts with crazy stats might be compromised so we cannot ban them. Haha, brilliant answer, then I say, everyone would agree on this that, no matter it is compromised or not, account with cheating behavior should be suspended right away.


People in NA argues that good players also have crazy stats, but here is SEA account IDs that are apparently relavant to cheat selling spamming groups having crazy stats are also just good players ?


Then the spammers, I could say there are still 10000+ spammers here is SEA, and if EA could block all IDs with 8 random odd numerals then surely lots of them will disappear. But what if they don't use IDs with 8 random odd numerals anymore ? That would be a headache maybe. Then how about EA check out the IP where all spammers were from and block them ? I am sure there will always be a solution.


Finally how about region lock ? Well, I feel both happy and unhappy. I think if Tencent could take over Apex in China then there will be a much more awesome anticheat system. And if you could make sure no one could bypass the region lock, otherwise cheater will still be playing outside China.

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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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the Dev of this game is only good at giving empty numbers and then stay silents AS IF they are doing anything. There are so many decent ways to keep all these cheaters from coming back and yet they are only giving excuses. Really loved this game but its just a waste of time now.
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Re: Cheater Rampant? 770k ban?

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As many fans said, the least they could do is to have phone verification for Origin account creation.


And if EA's boss would dare to make a bet with me on how much cheater will be blocked by this procedure.


I think compared with Steam and Battlenet, Origin is still a relatively not that much a big thing maybe, so they make it easy to register to attract more players ?


But easy registration also helps to lose players because cheaters get as many accounts as they want.


It is also a huge waste of resource, cheaters and spammers have registered millions of EA accounts, just think of how much resources it had been wasted to people associated with cheating industry.


Actually even 3-years old know it is the correct thing to have a heavier measure than to have easy-as-hell-yet-doesn't-worth-anything-stuff.

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