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Challenge Counters bugged

by HaloLtd777

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Challenge Counters bugged

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Daily Challenge tracking is not correctly counting its metrics.


I have done a few hours worth of contracts that are not counting. Spent hours in Freeplay doing open world to only get less than half of that goal. Scored combos and have seen that bar not move at all, and obliterated with ultimates skills to have only a minor credit attributed there.


I like the new Elysian Key content update. But seems like the counters are broken, so what is the point?

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Re: Challenge Counters bugged

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About world event, I think the counter is blocked at 3 event max for session. 


So, if you have to do 6 events, you will have to start another session.


I think is another big added when they increased the number of the event to be done for the daily challenge from 3 to 6.


Another proof of incredible INCOMPETENCE.

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Re: Challenge Counters bugged

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From what I understand, the issue here is it wants you to get 6 FEATS, not events. This should be changed to 3 feats or make it event-based, since feats are capped.

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Re: Challenge Counters bugged

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How does it count 'Contracts'?


I have been working in Dailies and sometimes you get credit for a contract, and sometimes it doesnt.


I understand if I Quickplay a contract sometimes you are dropped in, 'in-progress' and might not get whole mission credit.


But there are times that I run my own contracts (successfully), and the progress bar / credit for completing is not received.



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