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Cataclysm Challenge: August 4th

by EA_Cade

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Cataclysm Challenge: August 4th

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Greetings Freelancers,


Beginning at noon UTC Aug 4th, players will notice a new mystery challenge in their Cortex. Upon completion of the challenge players will be rewarded with all 4 of the Grabbit helmet customizations should you not already have them.



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Re: Cataclysm Challenge: August 4th

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I also see an additional Celebration of the Freelancer challenge which has increased rewards.  Cool.  Thank-you.

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Re: Cataclysm Challenge: August 4th

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It's cool and all that people can get this one cosmetic item again but I want to say that I find it a little weird this is being promoted when EoR reality is in the game with a limited number of events and the time runes still don't work.

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Re: Cataclysm Challenge: August 4th

@agentCGBSpender Are you assuming that turning on the challenge takes the same amount of time as finding and fixing the time runs bug? I'd guess that enabling the challenge was much simpler to accomplish. Leaving EoR as 3 events is probably just trying to keep the time commitment similar to the seasonal strongholds.

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Re: Cataclysm Challenge: August 4th

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I think everyone can agree that EoR with only 3 events and time runes not working is not a great experience. Encouraging people to play the game mode like that for one cosmetic item just seems really inadequate to promote an event.


I think people need to stop comparing EoR to seasonal strongholds. It's really and entirely different thing. EoR came before seasonal strongholds and then for Icetide they essentially gave an easier game mode with more crystals as a "present". Christmas is only supposed to come once a year.

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