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Cars for future car packs

by KineticKhaos98

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Cars for future car packs

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Hi so in the future we are going to have carpacks right?here's a few of the ones I would love ! 

My car wishlist : 



BMW M135i xDrive 2019-2020

BMW 335i  e93 2006-2009 (Hard top convertable)

BMW M6 GRAN COUPE 2012 - 2018

BMW M6 2005-2010

BMW M340I xDrive 2019-2020

BMW E39 540i / M5 1995-2004

Volvo S80 V8 2006-2010

Lexus IS300 1998-2005

Lexus SC300/Toyota Soarer 3.0L inline 6 (2jz) 1991-2000

Audi RS6 (c8) 2020

Audi RS7 2018-2020

Mercedes Maclaren SLR 2003-2010

Nissan Pulsar GTiR 1990-1995

Toyota Starlet Glanza V Turbo 1996

Daihatsu Charade GTi DeMatso 1997

Mazda rx8 2003-2012

Mitsubishi eclipse 1995-1999

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Re: Cars for future car packs

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From your list, the RS6 stands out Standard smile


Image result for Audi RS6 (c8) 2020

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Re: Cars for future car packs

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@EA_Barryalso please consider the e92/e93 BMW 335i with the n54 engine even if it was out on the e92 M3 it's an engine that is loved but always underrated and never in racing games but it does deserve a place amung BMW m cars it wouldnt take much work adding it to NFS heat in a car pack its basically a copy and paste of the e92 M3 just different exhaust front fenders and if you went for the convertable it's got the same roof as the m4 so wouldn't be hard to copy it and the MV4 rims would be the best stock ones for that car that's my most wanted car
Secondly the rx8 is highly requested by the community but please I beg you do the e92 335i with the n54 inline 6 twin turbo engine I've wanted to see this car in racing games for years but never have it's the one car I think many people would have fun because I. Real life it can actually make more power than the e92 M3 check it on on YouTube the 335i n54 e92/e93 is a German tuner car otherwise known as the German supra Wink

P.s car looks awesome in Aegean blue (individual BMW paint colour) images below of car and one has the Aegean blue with black MV4 rims

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Re: Cars for future car packs

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@EA_Barry Please give the FK8 Civic(2018 Civic Type R) some love

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Re: Cars for future car packs

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@KineticKhaos98 No for Lexus/Toyota,also Daihatsu/Pulsar isnt very possible,SLR license is a mystery,so don't hope for SLR too much
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Re: Cars for future car packs

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@GK3512 Well that leaves me hoping mainly for the e92/93 335i and the Honda's and hopefully the other bmws and Audi's
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Re: Cars for future car packs

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Please, no more BMW's we already have too many.


I would rather have the mitsubishi eclipse and the gallardo

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