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Can you do this EA/Respawn ?

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Lets say i don't have a specific Legend unlocked and i don't plan to cuz i don't like him and i buy 100 packs but i get for some reason gold items for these legends that i don't like to use or unlock. Can you make any changes to that ? for example stop giving us skins or whatever for locked legends or something like this maybe.

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Re: Can you do this EA/Respawn ?

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@GanbaraN4i You’ll eventually unlock all the legends fairly quickly. I don’t see them reverting this though. Same goes with daily/weekly challenges that require you to use some legends that you don’t have yet.
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Re: Can you do this EA/Respawn ?


The thing is, it's getting worse and worse for new players. Vets maybe don't realize it, because they/we have been playing so long, but it does take awhile.

It takes 12,000 tokens per Legend. At 600 Tokens per level, that's 20 levels per Legend. 10 Legend unlocks is 200 levels. And, if they keep adding a legend every season, it's going to take longer and longer for new players to catch up, without the purchase of the Champion edition (and, even then, that only gets you to S7, you'd have to pay/grind for the rest).
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Re: Can you do this EA/Respawn ?

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@JonStriker126 I'm not saying that this is the pro-consumer decision that Respawn has made or is the right thing but unfortunately just the nature of free to play games. The free to play model of the game makes it that you have to grind for days or just pay for it as a "shortcut". The same goes will free to play games with a roster like league of legends, pokemon unite, mobile legends and etc. Low key I'm glad that we do have to the option to grind for the legends and not make any of the legends apex coins exclusive. I do hope that Respawn lets people use all the legends in the firing range so that people can make better decisions on who to buy next. Respawn has made worse anti-consumer decisions before but I don't see grinding to buy a legend that much of a problem.

As for the OP saying that apex packs should only contain items for the available legends you have, I can see people not unlocking legends anymore since some people just play one legend like Wraith. This would give them a higher chance of only getting Wraith skins.

Imagine if Respawn decided that there would be a legend token cap where you can only earn around 2000 legend tokens a week max. Even if you grind all week long you wouldn't get more legend tokens anymore. This is what Pokemon Unite is doing where there is a 2000 gold limit per week. Some pokemons are worth 10k so you would have to play for 5 weeks straight to get it. Again, I'm not saying that this is the best thing that they have done, but I'll let it slide. Haven't really played apex seriously before S3 and had the same frustration as the OP and even bought the legend that's the worst for a beginner like me back then, Wattson. LOL.
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