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Re: Can't unlock javelin at level 16

by MurdocTheGreat

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Can't unlock javelin at level 16

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So I was told to post this here by support

I know there are several posts about this already, but I this is unacceptable

1/4 of the game is unplayable, and if I knew there was not gonna be a patch for this a month after release I would demanded a refund

Bioware has not acknowledge this bug at all, and I can't understand why it would be this hard to help us

To be clear, I am level 30, but there was a bug at level 16 that made the game not give me a Javelin

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Re: Can't unlock javelin at level 16

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I had this bug, I think I remember it was addressed in a patch but maybe not 100% successfully.


A workaround I found was to start another pilot.


At level 8 you can choose a second Javelin and I chose the one that was 'missing'.


No, it's not a 5-minute fix, but as achievements of the second pilot contribute to 'challenge' progress, the play was not wasted. I used the second pilot to check off some challenges.

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Re: Can't unlock javelin at level 16

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I level 30, at end game, have played 50 hours, I am not doing that
Thanks for trying though
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