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Can't stop downloads

by UwU_Tsundere

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Can't stop downloads

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I've downloaded Apex Legends past the playable point but it isn't letting me pause the download to play the game. 


I have "maximum download rate during gameplay" set to "Don't download during game" but it keeps downloading.


How do I actually stop the download so I can play Apex without the massive lag spikes?


I've already tried going offline and removing it from the download que, but it didn't change anything.






edit: I also have automatic updates turned off

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Re: Can't stop downloads

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why does EA even give us the option to disable downloads while in-game if it doesn't do anything? I don't even need these HD textures, I have a cap on how much data I can use in a month. I'd like to be able to just not download these optional textures. 


No other game launcher has this problem. BattleNet lets you kill unneeded downloads. Steam lets you kill unneeded downloads. Even GOG Galaxy gives you this option. 


But I guess it's super important for EA that I download 30 GBs of information that my 1080p monitor won't be able to display anyway. 

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