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Can't login to the game

by DiabloMuerto

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Can't login to the game

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So I played this game fine for a week during the early access; now all of a sudden around 6pm eastern on the 22nd game froze loading out of a stronghold.  Closed the game through task manager and haven't been able to connect again since, going on two days now I haven't been able to play and I scheduled off work for this launch.  EA support is just as useless as always and told me cross my fingers and think happy thoughts and they might have some kind of idea next week.  Seriously this is just ridiculous, really wanted to enjoy this game but at this rate I'll have to refund b/c I can't even play the damn thing.


Most messed up part though is EA/Bioware haven't said jack all about this, they tweet about every stupid thing but not one word about this, can't even get a reply on the matter.  When I talk to the EA support people according to them they have no record of any ongoing connection issues.  Are you kidding?  I seen dozens of posts about this on multiple forums and they're saying they don't even recognize an issue?  So yeah, as messed up as this already is I'll give it till next weekend then I'm refunding.  I work every weekend, scheduled this one off to enjoy game and this crap.

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