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Can I preorder the season pass?

by Da1N0nlyFr0sty

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Re: Can I preorder the season pass?

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Only paid 4 euro for 1000 Apex Coins for Season 1 with 1month Ea Access on Xbox One. Plus Season 2 now that i have completed Season 1 so no regrets even if Season 1 was bad. 

I think the offer for 1000 Apex Coins ends June 30. 

If membership is cheaper than the Apex coins in store then do it Wink

If you were already a member a previous month and have obtained these coins then don't do it a second time cause i don't know if it works.

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Re: Can I preorder the season pass?

★ Guide

yes you can pre order season pass. you just need to buy lot of coins.

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