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Campaign Details: Spaceball

by EA_Roger

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Campaign Details: Spaceball

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We are leaving Earth in this cosmic campaign and headed for outer space to save the stars and planets from aliens! Recruit your players from earth but watch out, the transporter isn’t perfect.

Play on constellations with your new Cosmic Lineup and earn Stardust tokens to restore your team. Once you pass Orion, recruit a Master and save his planet from aliens to earn his 107 OVR version!

Get help from the Outer Space Marketplace or the special Space Edition High Flyers available throughout the campaign!


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Campaign Dates

Live Date: July 15, 2019

End Date: July 23, 2019


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Campaign Map
  1. Teleport 10 players from Earth to be on your Cosmic Lineup. Start playing live events on the Cassiopeia constellation in order to get Stardust tokens and upgrade your lineup.

  2. You will need to upgrade your lineup to proceed to other constellations. Defeat the “aliens” as you move along the constellations, earning Stardust Tokens and training your lineup.

  3. Once you pass Orion, you will move onto the Master Solar System and choose which of the 3 Masters you would like to pursue first. Level him up to 106 OVR to unlock his planet. Put him on your lineup and then you may go after his final 107 OVR version. Play the live event to get Light Years. Earn enough Light Years to get a Mission Patch. Use the Mission Patch in the set to claim the 107 OVR Master. You may repeat this process with the other 2 Masters.

  4. There is an Outer Space Marketplace with offers that will help you, such as players and extra tokens. You need to purchase all other cash/coin/rep offers in order to get access to a special, discounted offer. Every day there will be something different.

  5. Oh! And don’t forget about the Space Edition High Flyers available!

  6. Don’t forget about those Fantasy Expansion Draft points either! Once you pass Orion, you will have earned 4,500 Draft points (750 Draft points for every zone unlocked). If you need more information on the Fantasy Expansion Draft, see our article or Reddit details.


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Your Journey through the Stars


Stop Required # of Events
Earth Teleporter Cosmic Lineup 6 challenges
Cassiopeia Constellation 60 OVR Cosmic Lineup 2 challenges: Ruchbah and Caph
Lyra Constellation 68 OVR Cosmic Lineup 2 challenges: Vega Blitz and The Ring Nebula Blitz
Pegasus Constellation 72 OVR Cosmic Lineup 2 challenges: Enif Blitz and Markab Blitz
Ursa Minor Constellation 77 OVR Cosmic Lineup 3 challenges: Polaris Blitz, Kochab Blitz, and Pherkad Blitz
Orion Constellation 82 OVR Cosmic Lineup 3 challenges: Rigel Blitz, Bellatrix Blitz, and Betelgeuse Blitz
Master Solar System: KD Planet 96 OVR Cosmic Lineup with 106 OVR Kevin Durant on your lineup 1 blitz challenge
Master Solar System: PG13 Planet 96 OVR Cosmic Lineup with 106 OVR Paul George on your lineup 1 blitz challenge
Master Solar System: CP3 Planet 96 OVR Cosmic Lineup with 106 OVR Chris Paul on your lineup 1 blitz challenge
High Flyers Space Station   1 challenge per day to get Space Dunk Tokens towards the Space Edition High Flyers
Space Wormhole Warmup Points 1 challenge


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Cosmic Masters
  1. 107 OVR Platinum Chris Paul, PG, Shooting

  2. 107 OVR Platinum Paul George, SG, Balanced

  3. 107 OVR Platinum Kevin Durant, SF, Defensive


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Space Edition High Flyers
  1. 107 OVR Platinum Shawn Kemp, C, Shooting

  2. 106 OVR Platinum DeMar Derozan, SG, Balanced

  3. 105 OVR Platinum John Collins, PF, Defensive

  4. 104 OVR Platinum Kenny “Sky” Walker, SF, Shooting

  5. 103 OVR Platinum Spud Webb, PG, Balanced

  6. 102 OVR Platinum Larry Johnson, PF, Defensive

  7. 101 OVR Platinum Terrance Ross, SF, Shooting

  8. 100 OVR Platinum Dee Brown, SG, Balanced

  9. 99 OVR JaVale McGee, C, Defensive

  10. 98 OVR Robert Pack, PG, Shooting


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Alien Opponents
  1. 99 OVR Kheayn The Whirlwind, PG

  2. 99 OVR Naxe Deadeye, SG

  3. 99 OVR Ulax Rim Destroyer, SF

  4. 99 OVR Tausan The Shield, PF

  5. 99 OVR Araimir The Beast, C


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Changes we made in this campaign:
  • Mixed High Flyers into a themed campaign

  • Outer Space Marketplace

  • “Alien” players

  • Choice of Master

  • Fantasy Expansion Draft points earned through various milestones

  • Use Warmup points for event


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Thanks for flying high with us through the stars!

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Re: Campaign Details: Spaceball

★★★ Newbie

In this new event(spaceball) to get in the orion stage we need to have 82 overall, i've trained my players at the maximum and im blocked ate 81 overall. What can i do to pass this??

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Re: Campaign Details: Spaceball

★ Novice

Train also the bench, this is the line up u’re supposed to have 

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