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Campaign Details: 3v3 4th of July

by EA_Roger

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Campaign Details: 3v3 4th of July

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Celebrate the 4th of July and join our 3v3 tournament in all-new half court gameplay with 4 custom street courts!

Play 3v3 half-court games against a streetball team with The Professor, Tristan Jass, and Bone Collector. Beat a squad of football stars with Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, and Juju Smith-Schuster. Prove your mettle against Wizards and 76ers pros.

Earn Graffiti Courts, 4th of July Masters, and a King of the Court boost item. New events available daily with a special Stars and Stripes event in a different campaign each day.


Campaign Dates

Live Date: July 3, 2019 at 7:00 AM EST

End Date: July15, 2019 at 7:00 AM EST


Campaign Map
  1. Earn Flags from Blitz Events and Tournament Events to earn rewards at milestones listed below.

    1. At Milestone #1, you get the Graffiti Embiid court with 10% Flags boost.

    2. At Milestone #2, you get a Stars token to be used in Fireworks sets.

    3. At Milestone #4, you get 1,000 Fantasy Expansion Draft points.

    4. At Milestone #10, you get 1,500 Fantasy Expansion Draft points.

    5. At Milestone #14, you get 104 OVR Bill Bradley, SG, +4 Mid Range to SG.

    6. At Milestone #17, you get 1,500 Fantasy Expansion Draft points.

    7. At Milestone #18, you get 105 OVR Elgin Baylor, PG, +2 Mid Range to PG.

    8. At Milestones #21 and #25, you get Ability tokens.

    9. At Milestone #22, you get 106 OVR David Robinson, C, +4 Dunk to C.

  2. There are 25 progression events that are first win only and cost 0 stamina to play. You have Backyard Practice and then the tournament with 12 games (2 halves to each game = 2 events per game = 24 events).

  3. There are 4 blitz events that refresh every 8 hours.

  4. There is one Warmup Event. Use 50 Warmup Points to play and get Flags on every repeat win.

  5. There is one Stars Token event hidden amongst other maps that refreshes (and changes location) every 24 hours and awards a Fireworks Event Pack.


Campaign Players


  1. 99 OVR The Professor PG

  2. 95 OVR Tristan Jass SG

  3. 95 OVR Bone Collector SF

Football Stars

  1. 99 OVR Terrell Owens SF

  2. 95 OVR Chad Ochocinco SG

  3. 95 OVR Juju Smith-Schuster PG


  1. 99 OVR John Wall PG

  2. 99 OVR Bradley Beal SG

  3. 99 OVR Dwight Howard C


  1. 99 OVR Joel Embiid C

  2. 99 OVR Tobias Harris PF

  3. 99 OVR Ben Simmons PG

Campaign Master: David Robinson

  1. 106 OVR Platinum David Robinson C, +4 Dunk to C

  2. 20x Nickname Players: 106 OVR Platinum David Robinson C, +4 DUNK to Team, In the Paint ability

  3. 30x Nickname Players: 107 OVR Platinum David Robinson C, +4 DUNK to Team, Double In the Paint (starts charged) ability

Campaign Master: Elgin Baylor

  1. 105 OVR Platinum Elgin Baylor PG, +2 Mid Range to PG

  2. Ability token: +4 Mid Range to PG, 2-Point Clutch

Campaign Master: Bill Bradley

  1. 104 OVR Platinum Bill Bradley SG, +4 Mid Range to SG

  2. Ability token: +4 Mid Range SG, 2-Point Clutch


Changes made in this campaign:
  • Half-court gameplay for street 3v3s.

  • More custom courts.

  • Nickname players usable towards campaign master for upgrades.

  • Play against players from varied sports.

  • Tournament style campaign.


Thank you for playing our 3v3 tournament and celebrating the 4th of July with us!

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