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BAN chinese IP/VPN

by ahocap

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Chinese Hacker are dominating ASIA server. all everytime i play like 20 games each game has hacker. the problem that even pro player are using it to enjoying the game in something worst way. is there possiblity to block china in any asia server as punishment by doing this Chaotic hack madness. can't play straight and comparing this game to Rules of Survival. there Devs are too Money hunger, why? cuz they only make skins and items but when talking about cheaters they like Meh. 


So asia server will permanently invade by hackers?

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I'm locking this thread.


Please do not accuse an entire nation of cheating, it is unnecessary and uncalled for.


If you are in game and suspect a user of cheating then please report them by following the steps in this link:



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BAN chinese IP/VPN

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EA must BAN Chinese IP and VPN.


its not racism. not prejudice.

chinese are not cheater, but cheaters are chinese.


PUBG ruins yourself for china money.

PUBG tried eat Dangling the carrot and fall from cliff.


APEX following PUBG's suicide.


wake up EA. your job is not so easy. stop dreamin.

EA really think ''YAY! we are ELITE! so we can solve this cheater without BAN Chinese IP/VPN! cuz we are ELITE''?


there is no other solution for chinese cheater.

BAN it.

before too late.

like a PUBG.

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Re: BAN chinese IP/VPN

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The China cheaters are really really bad. This is going the PUBG Route.

I am done with playing so much. Every single game there is always a cheater team from China.
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Re: BAN chinese IP/VPN

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100% agree with you here. EA should get in touch with Netflix to get their VPN blacklist so they can block literally every VPN IP available, since IPv4 is basically exhausted it would be hard to work around. 


Also witnessed China becoming the downfall of PUBG due to a huge number of cheaters. Pretty sure the only people who play PUBG anymore are Chinese, wonder if they are just cheating each other at this point. 


Never thought I would see another Country with a hacking problem worse than the U.S, considering how many people here aren't that great, but China makes us look fantastic in terms of the percentage of people who cheat. They even have LAN centers over there advertising cheats to attract customers. 


I love everything about this game but man I will drop it in a heartbeat as soon as I see that influx of cheaters, I really hope they aren't cutting any deals with Tencent, or if they do cut a deal than it will be a different version of the same game region locked to China only hopefully.

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Re: BAN chinese IP/VPN

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Yes, this game should certainly be region locked
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Don't forget to report cheats on the EAC anti-cheat website here.

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p.s. ive encountered numerous cases of russians using aimbot and wallhack as well. lets region lock russia along with china, shall we?

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I've reported dozens of times and nothing, and I'm very positive the people I reported were blatantly cheating. Not a single email from them, cheaters are quickly becoming more present in all games. I stopped playing because of it. Reporting as well as playing is pointless at this point
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I live in China and a lot of people here don't cheat, the solution should be to ban all cheaters and not a whole country.
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I totally agree with you. I also live in China and i know for a fact that there are many honest players, but you have to face the truth which is audio spam bots, qq promoters and the rest of the crappiest BS only china has. And since China doesnt have a server of its own, the solution could be either to region lock China and force all the chinese players play there only, or to create an anti-cheat software of a better quality than its now.
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