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Re: Bugged world events.

by Banfilidh

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Bugged world events.

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Had to do ten world events to get 6. "Oh this one is bugged too?" And I don't understand your reasoning around Decals in Elysian chests. You basically took half the decals and doubled them by renaming them..common decals are helm only and uncommon are the actual first decal on the cape but named something different. For example "Face the Threat" common is in fact "Skull Sign" Uncommon. SMDH and start putting PL requirements on GM1 and higher strongholds please. Little tired of carrying greens through HoR.

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Re: Bugged world events.

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Not sure if that was the case for you but the world events for challenges come with the medals. You can get bronze, silver, and gold - that's three medals max per run, which makes a minimum of two Freeplay runs in order to get to six.


About the content bloating, it's basically because of this:

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Re: Bugged world events.

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Basically if you use an Ultimate on a Shielded Titan it kills them and bugs the quest out.(It never updates.) If you have more than one person gathering the green echoes for the ancient chest it bugs out and and never updates the last echo picked up. We also searched tirelessly for weapon caches in a dungeon that never spawned. A simple two free plays was not enough as we flew around looking for world events that weren't bugged more than actually doing world events.

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Re: Bugged world events.

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The problem here is that daily is actually for 6 world event FEATS. you can only get three per freeplay session. Do 3. Exit freeplay. Do 3 more. This daily needs to be changed to 6 freeplay feats of any kind.

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Re: Bugged world events.

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Im fully aware of a three cap limit to a freeplay but when half of the events bug out , it gets tedious fast..and time consuming.

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Re: Bugged world events.

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Only problem I have with world events is flying around for 15-20mins with out a single one popping up. 

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