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Re: [Bug Report] Medic Invulnerability

by hayes_8815

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[Bug Report] Medic Invulnerability

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Once again I tried to post this under bug reports but it will not allow me to post so putting it in General Info.


Basically when a medic was reviving a player on a hill/embankment/mound/whatever you want to call it, the player was receiving no damage and was completely invulnerable. I have attached a clip of this happening on a Grand Operations server during the Airborne phase. See from :16 - :30


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Re: [Bug Report] Medic Invulnerability

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This is a common problem with bullet collision, which usually happens between the two players. Bullets aren’t relaying information back to the client fast enough for them to cause damage to the other player. Although I believe this is being worked on, I also believe it will never fully be resolved, due to individual player connection speeds.

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Re: [Bug Report] Medic Invulnerability


I knew it happens with tank gunners but this is the first time seeing a relatively immune medic. With all the netcode work being done i'm sure things'll grt better soon

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