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Re: Buff Chomper pls

by arit0824

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Buff Chomper pls

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Chomper was my main in the last game and I loved him. Now he's abselutely garbage.

My main problems are that he can't do the thing a chomper does exept for when he's burrowing, can't from behind, can't when trapped, can't even goop them at all. His burrow seems shorter, and his main attack is slower. What is he supposed to do? go face to face and just bite them forever till ya die? I understand that he needed some nerfs, but this is way overboard. I'm too tired to address all my problems, but I don't see the point of him anymore. Also nerf nightcap

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Re: Buff Chomper pls

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All previous characters seem to be weaker imo. Maybe it is just a new style of gameplay but I think they just need to buff everyone a little bit apart from nightcap and this will be far more fun.

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Re: Buff Chomper pls

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No way, Chomper is like one of the best plants. Wtf


Buff Corn and Snapdragon, they actually do need buffs


Chomper is so good once you get a few levels in him

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Re: Buff Chomper pls

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IMO Chomper isn’t absolute garbage. At first I was pretty sad about the Chomper change, because I was a Chomper main and I loved him. But after getting a few levels on him, I learned that I couldn’t play him the same as I did in GW2. His new rework required more stealth and biting in the face, instead of burrowing for insta-kill, gooping and going behind someone for insta-kill, or lay a trap and insta-kill. He could burrow and chomp unsuspecting zombies or vulnerable zombies as you can only see his burrows, you can’t hear them anymore. His chomps aren’t that bad, they do quite some damage output plus his new goop hurts 35 dmg. Do I miss old Chomper, of course. Am I fine with the new one, yes. I’m learning to adapt and evolve. IMO he isn’t the top priority regarding buffs. I can still get a handful of vanquishes and escape. But I can’t do anything as a rose anymore except speed buff and a goat spell that’s a bit easy to avoid

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Re: Buff Chomper pls

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