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Bring valid arguments to the table.

by Gabrielmojo26

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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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@Gabrielmojo26   Not at all and don't mistake my dislike for this season for being unable to adapt to it.


I have said there has been positives this season, the volt being the main one (needs tweaking and r99 to make a return to compete) as i've been asking for another smg for a long time but on ttk WITH the evo change, i fail to see it.


As to the video, let's cover the main points he made.


''Mid and long range fight (primarily snipers) are much safer and more viable to use now compared to last season. With longer and more drawn out fights''


Promoting a camping meta where it's better to hold back and poke damage while charging than playing aggressively, slowing the pace down dramatically which respawn have tried doing for several seasons now.


(unrelated to the video but adding to that slow feeling is crafting stations)


''Working off cover.''


I mean anyone that plays FPS with half a brain cell should know that but i agree it's more crucial now to be able to heal as you will be, constantly, till red.


''Playing defensively instead of pushing as it's to punishing''


Again, taking away from the faced paced, awesome movement and clutch plays from previous seasons.


''Meta weapons''


In his own words basically anything that can fire fast and deal damage instead of high precision weapons that take skill to use like shotguns or wingman.


Everything he said except for cover basically sums up what they are taking away from Apex that i enjoyed.

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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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@Gabrielmojo26 oh yeah before I forget, what do you think about my thoughts on S6 here:


If you don't mind though, could you leave your thoughts on that post rather than this one? I like having feedback and thoughts all on one page. 

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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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I really like this season, a lot more than I did with past seasons. Feels more like Apex release or season 2.


A lot of viable weapon combinations, faster TTK - my experience is that people play more aggressive, and some are just not used to that style. I find it a lot easier to 1vX now too. All together I would say that a lower TTK benefits people with low reaction times + good awerness and good movement the most. As I´m seeing the people who struggle are the ones who have kind of bad movement or simply just not used to this faster pace (less room for error, thats a good thing - and thats how the game was during release).


Great season for my taste - map changes are really good too, only thing I dont like is not buffing Pathfinder and not tuning down aim-assist on PC but I havent had this fun since season 2.

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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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Good post.

The only disagreement I have is that S6 absolutely does benefit a certain group— the more casual, lesser skilled player. And this isn’t even that controversial an idea because it makes PERFECT sense from a business standpoint. Respawn and EA want to prioritize the gaming experience for this group because they represent the largest portion of the playerbase; if they can make “fair” adjustments to the gaming experience which results in these players killing more and winning more, they will make said adjustments. As a company it’s their job to keep these people playing.

The TTK reduction is HARDLY the end of the world that people are making it out to be— BUT IT DOES cater towards and help lesser skilled players. No matter how good your reaction time is, nothing will save you from one or two guys aiming down sight waiting for you to turn a corner.

I just think developers and publishers need to be mindful of where they draw the line with regards to their treatment of lesser skilled players. I would hate to see this pattern evolve into something crazy like “lower ranked players now deal more damage than higher ranked players; this will provide equal gaming experiences for all players.”
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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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For me season 6 start has been quite hard and not so much fun anymore.
I am an average / casual player. I.e. know what to do, have some game sence
regarding positioning, ring, gun-meta, etc things, maybe struging with aiming and reactions (reflex + ping).

Some issues I am having.



"Surprise encounters" / "Audio issues"

Pre-season 6, if you were running around (e.g. mid-game) and somebody surprised you and started shooting,
you could sometimes get away with the mistake. If the shooter was some "sweatty wraith with 20 kill badge",
it was an instant death, but otherwise you just took lots of damage but didn't die immediately.
(Rest of the play then depends on your team mates, distances, location, ...)


At season 6, I can do the same for others. If somebody surprises you, it's most likely instant death.
When audio issues are included to this, you can insta-die, due to not hearing anything, even though
you are paying attention and knowing somebody is near and you are ready for the encounter.


Weapon meta

Everybody seems to be running volt. It is so good, it's almost a must gun to carry.
I never really got good with R99, but with volt, I am beaming like a pro too (not really, but almost).
For me, this adds to the "boring season 6" category.


TTK / Shield update / Balance

My feeling regarding TTK is that you (and rest of the lobby) just die too fast especially in early game.
If other team(s) drop near to you and RNG is not in your favour, insta-death usually.
Hot-drops are another matter, where anything can happen.


And when you insta-die, the time to get to the next match is long. 30 seconds of game play, several minutes
at the lobbly, selecting legend and so on (and I think xbox lobby waiting times at europe are quite low).
I wouldn't mind that much if I died instantly many times in a row, if the new game would start much faster.


Then if you drop far away from other teams, then it just looting for 10 minutes and you don't see anybody.

Then you encounter one or two teams and the game is over. Could lose or win, but running around for 10 minutes
without seeing anybody, again adds to "boring season 6" category.



This is still all-over-the-place. Maybe part of the issue this is the player base and time of day (xbox / europe).
Sometimes opponents are around the same level as you, othertimes its preds only.
But it seems that if you play 3-5 games against "too tough lobby" and you get 0 kills/damage,
you get put to an easier lobby, where you can get maybe 5+ kills and a win,
but after this is usually back to pred lobbies.



Cross play

I worry, that when this is taken into use, it will be the end for this game.
As a console player, I would be happy to play against other console players (ps4 and switch).
Maybe get some easier lobbies with new switch players in the mix...
As for PC coming to the mix, not so happy about this. More hackers (well have not seen any on xbox),
KB + Mouse vs controller vs aim assistance balancing issues.


Well have to wait and see how this goes. But if the end result is, that I die more and more quickly (to a PC player),
its not going to be a good change...


Good stuff at season 6

Well, at least they are making changes and trying new things.
Prowler and Hemlock buffs were nice. Volt is also good, but maybe a bit OP.
Most of the map changes are good and refreshing. Again, changing something is better than doing nothing.
Great new voice lines, which are fun. E.g. with Mirage and Rampart.


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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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The game has issues and you cant deny it, i love this game and i am enjoying s6 quite a bit. I understand if youre annoyed by the overflow of hate comments tho.

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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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Definitely has issues, and outstanding ones that should have been addressed a while ago.
I think I was just mostly annoyed yesterday from the abundance of posts I was reading, where players are putting words in my mouth, speaking as if they represent the entire community, when it just doesn’t reflect my opinion, and/or others, at all.

I have no issues with bringing up flaws, and there’s many of them lol, but at least make it so it’s constructive and debatable.

As for S6, the more I play, the more I like it, but that’s not to say tweaks are needed. I just find it redundant that as soon as you express your satisfaction with S6, you’re painted as a goof that needs the reduced TTK, amongst other changes, cause you’re basically “trash at the game”.

It’s like people forget it’s a damn game lol, I often get the impression that the overexaggerating prevails in many posts, as if players have invested everything they have into Apex. Imho, I could drop it tomorrow and it wouldn’t change anything in my everyday life, anything but more spare time to post on here that is lol.

Sometimes I do wonder if I’d be a little more emotional if I played more, I mean I’m a single father 1 out of 2 weeks/weekend, I don’t play during the week after work, cause well, I’m just too damn tired and potato aiming would be a result of that, so I mostly play every other weekend.

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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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@Gabrielmojo26 True, it is getting annoying that most think only noobs like this season. And yeah it does kinda get weird reading posts anywhere were ppl say they hate this game but are still playing.
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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.


This thread is a thread of the year contender. Arguing about the proper way to argue! 😂

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Re: Bring valid arguments to the table.

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@hayhor It's no thread of the year before @Koochi-Q puts his word in lolol
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