Bloodhound quest

by RockScorpion384

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Bloodhound quest

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If you are going to start doing in-game missions and quests, either add a private mode so you can go into a match by yourself OR make the player invincible whilst they are doing the mission, they cant take damage but cant deal damage either


The whole bloodhound quest is a complete mess


- you are forced to go off by yourself and thus ruin other peoples matches to complete it

- you have to play a specific legend, meaning if they get taken by a teammate in the lobby you can’t complete the mission

- its map specific, so you have to wait hours between attempts to even have a chance to try it

- even when you do the above things, other enemy players can kill you and completely negate the entire thing

Have literally spent 20 minutes trying to complete the quest, have been shot and killed everytime by enemy players despite me not having an gear or weapons. And now the map has rotated so am going to have to wait 2 hrs to try all over again. You’d think AAA devs would have a brain when developing this sort of stuff. Clearly a degree in game development doesnt come with a speck of common sense

Never do this type of chronicles event again! Instead do what you did with lobas quest where you actually loaded into a specific mode to do the quest

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Re: Bloodhound quest

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@RockScorpion384 yeah, I go solo and stay in a corner and then finish the quest in ring one. still some ppl still lurking around to kill you lol
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Re: Bloodhound quest

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@WreckingVi No fill still gives me teammates it has been that way since the feature launched and they still havent fixed it.

I cant actually complete the mission without some a-hole focusing me. Despite me clearly playing friendly t bagging etc. they still shoot me

I actually made it to the bird but apparently you have to listen to the entire 20-30 second dialogue that triggers before the quest is completed. In that 20-30 seconds i of course got killed and have to start AGAIN

Whoever on the dev team designed this mission needs demotion. Honestly a 12 year old could probably design a more logical system than the one theyve provided

That is not to mention ALL OF THE BUGS. I cant count how many attempts have been completely stopped because the game doesnt actually work. I load into the game and everything is slowmo. Or the screen is just black or flashing strobe lighting.
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