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Re: Bloodhound Screen Obstructions?!?!

by Wingmannedbro

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Bloodhound Screen Obstructions?!?!

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Hi, I have recently discovered to bugs with bloodhound. The first is that when using the ultimate, the screen becomes black and the only visible game play left on the screen is in an oval shape, all other areas are black. This usually happens 80% of the time, and only after yesterdays update. The second report is the fact that when you use bloodhound's tactical while in his ultimate, the "hostiles detected" notification is not there. Any thoughts?

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Re: Bloodhound Screen Obstructions?!?!

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If you can, try to capture it happening, and submit a bug report. Sorry you have to deal with this.

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Re: Bloodhound Screen Obstructions?!?!

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Thank you, i'll try that.

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Re: Bloodhound Screen Obstructions?!?!

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I read in the new patch notes they optimised bloodhounds ultimate effects to be optimised for colorblind mode, so a bug probably occurs now that has bearing to these changes.

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