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Re: Blade Slingers

by Umagon-1

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Blade Slingers

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My first impression of the blade slingers after they were released on Tuesday was that they were not reliable. After giving them a second try, I like the Razorwing and Rizza's Ripper. Do you like the new blade slingers? What do you like or dislike about them? Do you have tips for using them in Ranger or Colossus javelins?

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Re: Blade Slingers

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@daemontonio > What do you like or dislike about them?

There is only one bad thing about them: they aren't Rainmaker.
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Re: Blade Slingers

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@Viewga  What do you like about Rain Maker? Although I got all pulse accelerators in legendary I haven't tested them in Freeplay like I did with the blade slingers. I think Grave Digger was the first legendary pulse accelerator I got and I didn't dislike it.

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Re: Blade Slingers

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I like the razorwing. It reminds me of the chakram from NoX. It has a staggering/knock back effect it does to npcs and I bet it would pair well with a force build. Its main drawback is its lack of precision when needing to target weak points. The other thing like about it is its skill curve it’s one of those weapons that is either going to be really bad or really good depending on the player’s capability. It requires players to think about ricochet trajectory to be effective at using it.


I don’t like the other two as much I find having to charge them before firing a disadvantage in engagements where you need to move quickly. I mean the charging does look nice but it would be better if it was optional; for example, charging increases and/or adds knock back effect. But you could just single fire quickly if needed. If they would remove the charging as requirement then I would use rizza's ripper as a secondary weapon for when I need more precise shots.

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Re: Blade Slingers

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@Umagon-1 Totally agreed regarding the fact of having to charge before firing the weapon. I like a weapon to fire immediately after pulling the trigger due to my playstyle.
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