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Blacklist Gaming is Recruiting

by Arch29BL

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Blacklist Gaming is Recruiting

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The Blacklist Community is open for new members on PS4. Here at The Blacklist we value teamwork, communication, respect towards your fellow members, the ability to have fun, and the willingness to help build a strong community of BL Gamers. We're a laid back and driven group of gamers who want to help individual players grow not only in the game, but also in the experience they share with each other as a community. We want all members to have as much fun as possible in a atmosphere that supports adult gaming. The Blacklist community’s goal is to be more than a glorified LFG, so each of our members gain access to the community Discord channel for communicating what you need help getting done, what you’re willing to help with, as well as to set up groups for raids, and other content supported in game.

We also provide support for many other games such as The Division 1-2, Anthem, Final Fantasy 14 and Destiny 1-2 and many more to come. We are an adult community so that our members have fun in chats together, having fun being yourself. With that said you must be 18+ to join.
This community is run by the quality of its members and it's our members that drive the bus!
Joining the BLACKLIST is rather simple. First ask yourself these questions:
*Are you 18+ in age?
*Are you a team player?
*Are you respectful?
*Are willing to help fellow members with activities that you may have already completed?
*Do you play with a mic?

If you answered yes to these then great, you’re halfway there.
Create a message with one of our admins asking to join,
follow the Discord link we will send you to gain access to our recruitment chat.
We will then ask you the following questions:
Tell us what you are looking for in a clan and what about Blacklist intrigued you.
Tell us what your focuses are in games like strikes, raids, PvP etc.
After talking with you a little bit, if we feel like you’d be a good fit in the Blacklist community we will have you moved into open chats. Come get the adult gaming experience you have been looking for. Our motto is simple “Have fun be yourself”

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