Black Friday sale coming?

by Sil3ntF20

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Black Friday sale coming?

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Anyone know is any Black Friday sale coming up on ORIGIN,previous year it was 23 November.Any news about this year?

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Re: Black Friday sale coming?

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Hey @Sil3ntF20 we don't have any information that we can share in relation to any upcoming sales.

The best thing to do is to keep an eye on Origin.


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Re: Black Friday sale coming?

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Black Friday?

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Will there be a sale on Origin games for Black Friday? If there will be, what will be the dates for them? I have my eye on several games so I might be plotting to snag quite a few-

I just need to know when it will happening so I can know how close my next paycheck is to the sale.

I recall there was a sale last Black Friday, but I don't remember the dates... I was broke last year so didn't bother to pay attention to it lol

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Will The Sims 4 be on sale on Black Friday

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Hi EA, 

I was just wondering if the sims 4 packs are on sale on Black Friday, as University has came out and I was hoping to not spend as much as £35.


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