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BioWare take your time on the Raid

by Zoom_745

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BioWare take your time on the Raid

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And do it right. With the recent announcement that the Catyclasm has been delayed out of May (probably 3 months minimum) I would like to take this time to tell BioWare to take their time and get it right with a lot of polish and reason to play it.


Now I know they don’t want to call it a Raid, referring to it as “aspirational” or “pinnacle”

activity, which is another point of feedback, stop using buzzwords to describe something that has been established in the RPG genre since forever. 


Anyway here are 3 key points the Devs should use when designing this Raid or whatever they want to call it 


1. It should be fun and challenging and something players default to even when it is dead with no content drops in sight. Case in point the Leviathan in Destiny 2 Y1.

It was a grand and mysterious place. Gorgeous and fun and had sick loot. Now most of D2 Y1 was a total disaster but the Raid was still fun to come back to.  


2. Worthwhile loot, this means BOTH Cosmetic and Gear/weapons. This can not be said enough the Raid needs it’s OWN Loot table with specific drops. These weapons need unique models

and need to be next level in design, Go crazy and make nerds drool. They also need armor sets themed after the raid for prestige, other players need to know that you are the best and had to be the best to get that armor.


3.  Accessibility. Yes this needs to be match made I don’t want to spend 45 minutes on LFG looking for a group. You can have different and challenging components but think it through in terms of level design. This also is great for solo players who are the majority of the player base when all their friends quit and we alone carry the torch until they return 

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Re: BioWare take your time on the Raid

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Except for HoR the rest strongholds are quite equal in requred time. Farmers do 2 HoR per 1 other SH. I think that increasing quantity of loot in those stronholds will bring some balance. Thus I'll get as much loot as if I completed 2 HoR plus I wont loose fun when switching strongholds.


As for Gear and Cosmetics, I hope they will go further than just Elysian chests and make challenges with unique cosmetics for SH, mb make them hard, like completing GM3 without beeing downed. Specific gear drops can make sense, to motivate players to complete different SHs. Plus devs promised new loot. Probably new weapons, gear and componenst, but they can as well add existed items with different perks for bigger variety of builds. But until loot drop chance problem is solved, such farm could become even more frustrating.

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