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Re: Bfv tanks

by SirTenko

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Bfv tanks

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Does anybody else find it annoying how underpowered the tanks our I fired free rounds at a barn roof in order to destroy it yet two rockets destroy my tank very unbalanced

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Re: Bfv tanks

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Tanks are perfect where they are right now. Ill explain why, First with your situation, Rockets can destroy your tank if they hit flat spots without effort. If you can land a rocket on the roof/top of a tank you do TONS of damage. Hitting the flat sides of a tank, TONS of Damage. But if you angle your tank(even if you turn it to the side really fast) You negate damage but if you go too far, youll take more damage. Remember, Front of your tank has the most armor, try and catch it with the front of the hull and not the turret. (Hits the turret it does splash dmg down into the Weakest part of the tank, the TOP.)

-You're firing AP at ALL times. Unless you build for HE/Howitzer to REALLY hurt INF (Churchhill howitzer acts like a 50kg bomb) But doesnt hurt other tanks/vehicals from the front much. (Tiger to the front does 14dmg but from the side does 48)

Support INF, dont lead them. Blowing up cover,Trimming bushes with the MG gives your teammates a HUGE advantage.

Easy tip, Make sure you have the "quick repair 10%" and lounge around Supply points. Every resupply gives you another Quick repair ontop of more ammo (Allowing you to repair more faster.) It also gives you the benifit of healing 10%

This applies to all tanks. Even the ones with 20mm cannons.

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