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Better Spectator System

by I_am_C0NFL1CT

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Re: Tools for Apex Team Managers?

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a " after death report " like [ A ] in party [B] knock you for xxx damage in xxx second, [B] finished you up , and you can select to report [A] or [B]
i know there s report on the right of screen but its happen too fast and we cant use it to report
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Re: Tools for Apex Team Managers?

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I am not suggesting being able to spectate the other team while my team is still alive.


Right now, spectate is the only way to report hackers efficiently since any reports to are ignored. I am always recording and sending reports with evidence, but it is hard to do because of the terrible system.


After the death of your team, you can only spectate one out of the three players. If you suspect the player who downed you of hacking, and you are finished by another player, you do not get to watch the suspect, you watch the player who finished you off.


What I am suggesting is that once your team is dead, allow us to rotate between the players of the squad that killed yours, as well as remove the spectate counter on the top right. There are some pretty bad hackers out there, but there are also players who turn them off after they see they are being spectated.

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Re: Tools for Apex Team Managers?

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We just want to rotate who we spectate after we're dead. This would help us catch more cheaters. You can't spectate another team until your whole squad's dead anyway. 

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Spectator encouragement

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I like to watch my teammates after I’ve fallen. I’d like to be able to after a congrats after a kill as a spectator. Maybe even be able to provide a warning of an enemy with restrictions to when and how often like outside of top 5

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Re: Spectator encouragement

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That would be spammed by those clowns that run off and get downed and blame you for their death.

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