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Re: Best Teaming (Interceptor/Storm/Storm/Storm)?

by MaireDevylin

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Re: Best Teaming (Interceptor/Storm/Storm/Storm)?

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@RMKXXV wrote:

I found a team up of 1 Interceptor, 1 Storm and 2 Colossus Javelins was pretty potent. 


I was in a group like this for a Stronghold run and we flew through it. 


The Interceptor would fly through the map drawing fire, The Colossus would run up through the middle flattening things and the Storm (me this time around) played the long game with a sniper rifle and a marksmen rifle shooting, freezing or blasting anything that was't i their sights.


Made short work if if the Stronghold.


You are why some interceptors think storms do garbage damage.. the only reason we use guns is to boost elemental damage.

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Re: Best Teaming (Interceptor/Storm/Storm/Storm)?

★★ Guide

@Gaeandilth1 wrote:

Lol trash damage my interceptor hit 11k melee 35k every 3rd with 45k electric ultimate can drop tyrant quuen in 10 secs

..IF it doesn't t-bag you.


my ult is currently about 455k a pop times 3. seriously, you have no clue what you are talking about. hows your damage on the monitor by the way?

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Re: Best Teaming (Interceptor/Storm/Storm/Storm)?

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Interceptor is the most useless class in this game. Not only it has trash damage, that trash damage is melee, and has poor defenses, so you can be sure all it does is messing up the combos for others and eating dirt. Which all boils down to the fun part where the party damage output increases when the interceptor is dead.


If we are talking about a coordinated team, probably 2 storms, 1 colossus and a ranger. Colossus can go solo on boss fights, while storms prime and ranger is running a double detonator setup with maxed combo damage.

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Re: Best Teaming (Interceptor/Storm/Storm/Storm)?

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@Gaeandilth1 wrote:

Lol trash damage my interceptor hit 11k melee 35k every 3rd with 45k electric ultimate can drop tyrant quuen in 10 secs. Would love to see a storm doing something other then steal my auras. Also seen colossus nail a single ult blast for 1.3 mil what is storms doing?

Was that supposed to be a lot?... You aren't pulling any higher numbers than me at low 600. In fact, my storm's ult is 55-60k, and it's not particularly strong. I doubt you'll be dropping the Tyrant queen in 10 seconds with those numbers. 


Either way, to get away from that. I've seen some interceptors doing some crazy things, makes me want to start using that one next actually. 

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Re: Best Teaming (Interceptor/Storm/Storm/Storm)?

★★★★ Guide

What your subject line tells me is this: Storms are overpowered.

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