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Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

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We have just posted an update on our current design direction for Battlefield 2042 Maps. Read the full update, here.


In this update on map design we've outlined several questions for you on where we'd appreciate hearing your feedback. We first encourage you to read the original post in full so you have the proper context. We've also listed all of the questions posed in our blog today, in this thread, with the intent for you to take what's posted there as a thought starter for us to have an open discussion on this first topic around our existing maps.


Please do feel free to jump in with your thoughts and feedback.




  • Which maps presently provide a poor opening experience because of the location of the Base Spawn?

  • Which maps are making it harder to get back into the fight in an all cap scenario?

  • How do you feel about the current balance between Infantry and Vehicles in Breakthrough?

  • Have you played 64 player Breakthrough, and do you feel that this is the better way to experience the mode?

  • On which maps and Flags do you see the most immediate need for more line of sight blockers?

  • Do you have specific areas on maps that currently stand out to you as lacking cover?

  • Do you have thoughts on how we can better define traveling paths between objectives to keep combat focused?

  • Do you see improvement opportunities to make it easier to understand how to get from one objective to the next?


We invite you to share your thoughts, feelings and responses with us not just on these topics, but anything else you feel is related as well. We’ll of course also be reading your comments across multiple hubs of community such as Discord, Reddit, and Social Media. If you have posted your thoughts on another platform, don't be shy to link to them here so that we've seen them.


Please represent your thoughts and feelings based on your experience, preferences, and expectations for our future Updates. We ask you to be respectful of those who are taking the time to share their feedback, and to be mindful of our Forum Rules. Our moderation team will be active throughout the thread to help keep the conversation focused on our topic, and those seeking to be disruptive to that goal will be appropriately sanctioned.


Our thanks to all of you for your participation.


Straatford // @Straatford87

Battlefield Community Manager


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Accepted Solution

Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread


Hi everyone,


Thanks again for providing your feedback around Map Design.


It's been a week since we posted this feedback request to you. That means we'll now close this thread so we can start compiling all your thoughts and comments. Again, we really appreciate that you've taken the time to have this discussion with us.


Once we're done reading through everything, we'll follow-up with what we've learned and next steps.


Thank you,


//Straatford / @Straatford87 

Battlefield Community Manager

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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

★★★★★ Novice

Maybe, reintroduce buildable cover from BFV..... These maps are not war-torn places like in bf1/bfV... Yet.... so it makes sense there is less cover, but we need to build some maybe? 
 New specialist ability prehaps? 

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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

★★★★★ Apprentice

How about you give both sides bunch of Quadbikes that can be called in?

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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

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★★★ Newbie

While I'm hopeful that these map changes can improve gameplay, I feel that a bigger issue is the lesser amount of  content that Battlefield 2042 has. 


I propose that Portal maps be put into an official 64-player playlist with 2042 factions. This would give us players a way to progress towards tier 1 skins while having a refreshed experience with some "new" content.


Edit: Please don't ignore this! You have 6 beautiful maps sitting relatively unused in portal because there's no official way to play them while progressing towards mastery skins. 

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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

★★★★★ Novice

All maps apart from 128p Orbital need line of sight blocks. Vehicles are too fast and too silent, also there are way too many vehicles like Boltes and Light helicopters.

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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

★★★★★ Apprentice

Maps are made like they only played vehicles. No destructible buildings and cover. Bf v bad maps feels God-given gift. Middle flag of Map should be a city or base which focuses on infantry play. Look at bf 1, bf 5 and bf 4 maps, All follow this at formula at some extent. Add tow at various places. Add vehicle spawn point where flag is at far place it makes people go to that point. Make movment like bf v, why scrap something which was already good? This applies to most gameplay direction. 

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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

★★★ Newbie
@Nuppersson The bolte especially is too disruptive. I can handle everything except the rocket volley. That makes it too much.
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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

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★★★★ Guide

Why not limit Breakthrough to 64 players only or 80 players. Conquest can be kept at 128 player.


128 player on Breakthrough is too much, the map size is fine, objectives can be repositioned in a more linear layout and with the new proposed layouts it may work with 64 player or 80 players.


Why don't you try it with less players than 128 and more players than 64. You could easily set this up for us to try in All out Warfare.


Also some more areas of close combat Metro type area on the maps.



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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

★★★ Apprentice
@Straatford87 Big fan! 👏 On a surface level, the 2042 maps lack depth and detail. Rubbish, litter, signs of battle...recruitment posters, debris, barracks, sandbags etc. I know each round is supposed to represent the beginning of the conflict itself, but maybe with each Live Service season, the maps could become more and more "war torn"? I'd like to share more feedback soon, but wanted to applaud the openness today and look forward to the future recovery improvements 😎👍
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Re: Battlefield Core Feedback - Maps - Feedback Thread

[ Edited ]
★★★★★ Novice

@Straatford87These map changes are welcome
Perhaps these can be included in your considerations
-buildable cover and fortifications from bf5.
-more vehicles in the map or at flags like we had in bf, not boltes or the like but quad bikes, unarmed pickups... Etc
-more clutter and like containers, signs, other objects for cover
-map sizes actually designed for 128 players rather than just having HUGE maps for the sake of huge size maps

-please don't reduce vehicles or nerf them to oblivion, but rather give us infantry maps or maps designed for both inf and vehicles (eg bf5 devastation where c flag in Church was inf D flag was inf and tanks had access to A flag and E flag areas)

Nerfing vehicles to oblivion will not satisfy inf players or vehicle players we need to find tje balance 

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