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Re: Battlefield 5 campaign difficulty

by WindowsManTv_CZE

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Battlefield 5 campaign difficulty

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Is there a way to see what difficulty I've been playing the campaign on? It's really annoying that I can't see anything to tell me what I've been playing on.


I've come back to it after a very long time just go get the last 2 trophies and I don't want to have to restart all the crap if I don't have to.

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Re: Battlefield 5 campaign difficulty


@WorldEater1234 You posted this in the Dragon Age Inquisition forum. I moved it to the Battlefield V forum. Hopefully someone here can answer your question.

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Re: Battlefield 5 campaign difficulty

Hello @WorldEater1234

If you complete Campaign on Hardcore difficulty you will get all Trophies for completing all difficulty in Campaign. Standard smile

If you already got it, let me know what Trophies you miss and i will help you.
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Re: Battlefield 5 campaign difficulty

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I don't think it shows what difficulty you're on now like BF1 did - When in doubt, just restart the mission you're currently on at the highest difficulty (assuming those are the trophies you are going for) and just continue from there; if the trophies don't pop you'll just need to complete the others and you'll be good.

There are a lot of excellent videos on youtube that can show you how to cheese the hard difficulties and there are a plethora of guides for all the regular challenges as well (these can be done on the easiest difficulty unless stated otherwise)

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