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Re: Battlefield 5 Game hacks

by Uwannah_Hydeen

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Re: Battlefield 5 Game hacks

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Hey @Rakasan3A once a report is made we cannot share any updates or further info in relation to a report.


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Re: Battlefield 5 Game hacks

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About that cheating scum I reported...   The last battletracker game report from its account was July 30.  Looks like EA snuffed out that thing's hobby after all.  Good job.


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Re: Battlefield 5 Game hacks

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I own every single BF game which I've been playing since the beginning and by far the worse for cheats is BF V, so much so this will be the last I buy as it's fairly obvious your company model seems to be grab the cash and screw the client.
Forget reports, we never know if anything is done, I suspect not. Regardless the entire reporting issue relies on paying customers policing your games, we paid for it you put something back and get some decent anti-cheat in place instead of pocketing our cash or handing it over to shareholders.
If you did that then maybe people, like myself, who have been loyal customers of your company and products would not feel cheated and/or ripped off (and no I'm not talking about the game cheats!).
How hard can it be, never forget there are plenty of other games out there that I'm happy to play because the companies that produce them do there best to make peoples gaming experience enjoyable by policing their own servers. Learn from them or just don't bother, I know I have and won't bother in any future that involves you putting the onus on us to do your job.
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