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Re: Battelfield for newbies

by WindowsManTv_CZE

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Battelfield for newbies

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Sorry I'm a newbie! I usually don't play games (like never) but my friend talks a lot about the new upcoming Battlefield game so I tried Battlefield V this weekend and I love the big battles Standard smile So my question is: My PC have Ryzen 5 3600, DDR4 SDRAM, RTX 2060, 1x16 GB is this a good setup for Battlefield 2042 or do I need to upgrade? It works fine on Battlefield V but I don't know anything about computers and I really want the game to run on my PC. And also for a newbie like me which Battlefield game should I play for practice? I really want to dive in to Battlefield 2042 on release it looks amazing Standard smile

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Re: Battelfield for newbies

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V is a * step child. I'm happy you've joined us though. For a more familiar experience to prepare for 2042, I'd suggest downloading BF4 as the weapon play and vehicles will be better represented. 

Cheers and welcome aboard 

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Re: Battelfield for newbies

Hello @Rhymst

Welcome in world of Battlefield. Happy to see new face. Standard smile

In BATTLEFIELD 2042 , there will be AI Soldiers so it will be perfect for you to practice with your friend in the Server with them. You will be able to join Server with AI Soldiers alone or with your friends.

After some time you can join the real battle in Multiplayer with real players against you. Standard smile

Also want to mention that EA/DICE didn't published PC specs. for BATTLEFIELD 2042 yet. When they publish it, you can find it here. ->
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Re: Battelfield for newbies

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@Rhymst Sup newbie
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Re: Battelfield for newbies

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@Rhymst  You do not have to apologize for being new.  Everyone is at some point...


I sincerely doubt you will need to upgrade.  Battlefield games have always been great at supporting a wide variety of hardware combinations.


As for practice, I would suggest Battlefield 4 during this short interim period we have right now.  BF2042 seems to be pretty similar to BF4, not only in terms of setting, but gameplay as well so far.  You could try out the EA Play subscription and I am pretty sure BF4 comes with it for $15 a month... or you could try Newegg.  Pretty sure they have a sale for BF4 going until tonight

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Re: Battelfield for newbies

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First , stick with your relatively-unaided finding of these "big battles" of BFV.
There's often little Intel to work with in V other than what you yourself might gather , and so while it's critical to hone the 'hunter' in an FPS , it's also beneficial to you to emphasize the 'gatherer' part of Hunter/Gatherer as well .
Then , when you do go to BF4 (and yes you must) the abundance of Intel there plus your own skill of gathering it might help you weather the absolute slaughter that you face .
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Re: Battelfield for newbies

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Hi Noobie

We were all noobs at one time, so, no worries.

I don't think you're fears have been dealt with, when it comes to 'IF YOUR MACHINE WILL RUN IT'...

Yes, it should, but as to what level of graphics, at the moment that is ANYONE outside of the DEVS and EA's guess.


The Ryzen won't be a problem

You have enough RAM. 16GB, I expect, might be the norm in the next 3-5 years, but at the moment, it should be more than enough.


The RTX 2060, which should handle NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) nicely.


Unless this is you in the video Large smile , this player has nealry the same set-up  as yours and showing DLSS, ON and OFF, on BFV. This might help

Battlefield 5 | RTX 2060 Super + Ryzen 5 3600 | Low vs. Ultra (RTX On/Off) + DLSS | 1080p 1440p


The ONLY suggestion I can make to your current setup, is perhaps an SSD (1TB, 500GB is getting too small now). That said, if the bucks are there, and you can get stock,


I hope this helps you out a bit. It helped my general knowledge Thumbs up


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Re: Battelfield for newbies

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I can't help you as far as PC specs, but as far as games are concerned I would definitely recommend Battlefield 4. The player count is crazy right now and its as close as you can get to the upcoming BF 2042 gane.

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Re: Battelfield for newbies

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Thanks for all the supporting help guys! Great community Standard smile As many suggested, I played BF4 yesterday but PunkBuster kicked me out! Read that other have the same problem suggesting reinstalling and updating PunkBuster but Im still kicked out! Maybe Im om servers where players have higher level? In that case how do I find noobs to play with? I was never kicked out in BF5. Any suggestions? .. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you on the battlefield in the near future Standard smile

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Re: Battelfield for newbies

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@Rhymst Hey man! I smile when I read your intro post because it reminds me of when I myself started playing Battlefield. That was with BF4 back when it was released. Like you I also found the big battles incredible! I started with Team Deathmatch and Domination (two game modes), then moved on to Conquest. I remember the first time I logged on to a Conquest server. It was the BF4 map with the “big disc”; there was a big enemy tank driving around in the area and I could hear an enemy helicopter above. I was in the game for something like 30 seconds, then I quit because it was too overwhelming! 😃😃😃
But you get used to it little by little.

For practice, hmm...not sure. Team Deathmatch and Domination have a higher tempo / are more intense constantly than Conquest, so I don’t know if that’s recommendable compared to just jumping into a Conquest server.
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